Sensual and unapologetically sexy during Fashion Week

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The Clear Boutique collection - sensual and unapologetically sexy for S/S 2015 at NY Fashion Week.


The Clear Boutique collection - sensual and unapologetically sexy - is where the glamour of the catwalk clashes head on with the rock n' roll atmosphere of the stage. Kia Vonvega, originally from Trinidad, showcases innovative designs by creating lavish, one-of-a-kind creations that tell an exotic story of luxury. 

“I want to empower women through my outfits to make them feel sexy, sophisticated and confident", says Kia Vonvega.

The pieces were very wearable and chic. Designed for adventurous women, the collection is a must-have for empowered souls who refuse to compromise on fit, transitioning from pretty day wear into fierce night wear.

Produced by NYC Fashion Runway, this event was packed with buyers and press

Visit Clear Boutique online
Photographer: P. Eugene Manning,
Instagram: @pmphotographynyc,


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