Luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, Galimer

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We have all been lately introduced to fashion designer Lucky A. Galimier through his unique and inspiring fashion collection, which has made worldwide headlines. Thus, we wanted to pick this creative genius’s mind, and find out what drives and inspires him through this interview.




Back ground :

Galimier is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Lucky A. Galimier in Paris, France 2013.

Lucky was born in Baltimore, Maryland. A lover of sport, ignorant to style and fashion; Lucky later found his passion for fashion when he moved to Miami, Florida with his mother; a former model and theater dancer.

While living in the glamorous South Beach, Lucky began designing resort wear for "Palm Island Swimwear”.

After a short stint with the company, Lucky decided to move to Paris to study Haute Couture. While doing so he became a personal stylist to some of the worlds most affluent. Mainly marketing himself around fashion week & sporting events. He began promoting "Galimier" a personal styling service. However, he was mainly styling clients in his own designs. With a growing popularity, he decided to put together a collection and a runway show. In the summer of 2013 Lucky held his first runway show in Paris, France. In January of 2016 "SILK MANUFACTURING GROUP (SMG)" partnered with Lucky Galimier to create the extravagant brand as we know today as '’GALIMIER


Exclusive interview with Elucid Magazine. 




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