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As the saying goes beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yet everything deserves praise but have you ever thought what lies behind the literal beauty. Yes! There exactly lies an entity who blew life into that particular thing. Similarly, if we see things in a grandeur frame, we will fall short of words how beautiful our world is. The need of the day is to explore, explore what makes the world more than just terrorism, extremism and religious bigotry and so on. Today, we are in a great need to highlight craftsmanship to give well deserved recognition to those who give us something to carry. To create a style statement and so on.



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Brazilian born fashion designer and multimedia artist, Chris Barreto finds her essence in the interpretation of body paintings of the Brazilian- Indian tribes. An inspiration that translated into her second skin” wearable art, where sophistication meets originality and comfort!



Whether she is a world traveler or busy working mom, these designer bags work for all the active women in your life!


Finding the balance between unique and affordable when searching for a holiday gift can often times take the joy out of the process. Not to mention nothing being worse than the feeling of receiving a gift you don't like. Most people quickly discover that the dollar amount highly determines the range of quality and options for potential gift ideas, especially when it comes to jewelry. 


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WrapCentury® turns the time by empowering wombmen to Wrap themselves in Love & Appreciation. As such, the prints reflect the rich Afrikan culture & lifestyle it was birth in. Henceforth WrapCentury® came alive. Launches a First of its Kind Online Shopping Experience Encouraging Young Women to Shop for Trends Now and Pay Later


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KANDI BEADZ brand features fun, black-light reflective blinking friendship bracelets, made with assorted novelty beads and neon alphabet block letters that read: PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect), or you can opt for a custom made option. These bracelets LIGHT UP! The whimsically crafted accessories have L.E.D. super bright bulbs running through a stretchy cord. The multi-textured bracelets emit shine and color that goes perfect with any look. 


The Manofatto Experience

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Manofatto – a premium leather fashion house that uses the finest Italian leather materials to create stunning accessories for everyday use.


Thuli NYC

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Have you ever desired to adorn yourself with the beautiful ornaments from the runway? Do the glamorous accessories and exotic heels clicking on the ramp excite you too? How does owning them for your very own sound? Yes! ThuliNYC offs you the opportunity to have all the posh jewelry, alluring footwear and elegant handbags for the keep.