Styling by Kelly Framel

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Danielle and Jodie Snyder’s Dannijo jewelry line has always been colorful, layered and irreverent, but for their Spring 2014 collection ~ which has just launched and coincides with the brand’s fifth anniversary (and first-ever bag line!) ~ the sisters updated those signatures with a darker-tinted twist. Employing onyx metal bases and a toughed-up, repeating railroad motif, the pieces have a refreshed strength and sophistication. Black and white themes lend a tribalistic bent, as if each item had been carved from dark horn and sun-bleached bone.


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Menswear shirting finds its way onto girls-only staples such as pleated skirts and cuffs have never been crisper.

Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2014

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In their Spring/Summer 2014 trend report, “Traces of Time”, Swarovski highlights the increased focus on the age in our society and the impact of this trend on a global scale. Style is shaped by a sense of nostalgia and becomes both a reminder of past paths that we have walked and a celebration of days to come. These four themes encompass the myriad of ways that the progression of time inspires every facet of our lives.

SERGIO TORO's Hand Crafted Experience

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SERGIO TORO is a luxury design house based in New York City. Avant-garde aesthetics and detailed craftsmanship of the product embody the brand’s core philosophy.

Fashionable Fibers in the U.S.

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Alpaca Couture, one of the first Alpaca Fashion Designers in the U.S. is incorporating rare North American alpaca fabrics into couture.