TCL Finally Respond To Tamer Hosny’s Footprint Controversy

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The TCL Chines theatre management has finally responded to criticism and backlash that they have received following the placement of the footprint of relatively unknown Arab singer, Tamer Hosny.


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It came as a surprise to a lot of stake holders in the entertainment sector when the hand and footprint of Tamer Hosny were placed in the Chines theatre even though he had no movies, music or recognizable fan base in the United States.

After series of backlash and failed attempts to contact the public relations manager Jerry Digney via email, the management of the theatre finally responded, stating that the prints were placed in the theatre to promote the Arab entertainer’s new movie, GOOD MORNING.

The management of Chines management revealed that this was not an isolated act as they have also placed the hand and footprints of celebrities, famous animals and fictional characters in the forecourt just to promote their ceremonies or event and were taken down after the event. The management further revealed that the same gesture was accorded to Tamer Hosny, who even paid to promote his movie and that his prints were also placed for promotional purpose ONLY and will not be kept in the forecourt.

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They further revealed that the fact the ceremony was not done in the morning like other official ceremonies that had coverage from the US media showed that it was far from official. They implored stake holders in the industry to check out the official Wikipedia page and website of the company where official footprints are recorded to validate their claim. This claim was validated as we only found official footprints that were covered by the media and records show that only 6 unofficial footprints have been placed for promotional purpose only at the theatre including the recent case of Tamer.

The unique Forecourt of the stars is traditional and place to celebrate major movie stars both past and present with their hand and footprints engraved in the cement. And it is hoped that this tradition continues to focus on the stars that have paid their dues in the industry.

The unofficial list that wont make it to the Forecourt Map

The Forecourt map




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    This game is the worst thing I've ever downloaded.

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  • Comment Link Momen Wednesday, 16 August 2017 21:58 posted by Momen

    maybe you don't know how much we are laughing on tamer hosny in the arab world
    Logically because , who is he to be in this place ?
    Actors we have such great actors in the arab world , from old and new generations .

    for example : Adel Imam , Omar Alsherif {R.I.P} , Duraid Lahhaam, Ghassan Massoud, karim abdel aziz ,,ect
    we have great movies for example :Chaos, This Is directed by yousef shahen , The Blue Elephant,Hepta: The Last Lecture,The Yacoubian Building,hala love,Omar movie ,,, ect
    Fayrouz movies .

    Tamer Hosny movies with no content ,, low class and , you can say its ridiculous movies

    We have a lot of great movies not only in egypt but in the whole arab world ,,
    not tamer who will represent the arab in holly wood thats a joke for us .

    In singing he is not more than any normal singer in the arab world ,, the number 1 is Amr Diab and really Amr is the only number 1 from more than 30 of singing with many of international awards ,, I'll not talk about Amr diab too much but you can google it and you will see who is Amr Diab ,

    many of great singers in the arab world like Mohd mounir , wael kfoury, ,, and much more .

    What tamer is did in the chinese theatre is fake show ,, we say congratulations only for who is really deserve it ,, tamer doesn't deserve it it will be the most powerful joke in 2017.

  • Comment Link Rani I Wednesday, 16 August 2017 00:08 posted by Rani I

    If it was official you would have seen it in the American news Lol! No one knows this man!!

  • Comment Link Anes Wednesday, 16 August 2017 00:06 posted by Anes

    It's obvious that it wasn't official and promotional only, the official honer only offered to people who made a diffence in the American entertainment business , who is that guy?!

  • Comment Link AboelMagd Tuesday, 15 August 2017 21:28 posted by AboelMagd

    He told the people in Egypt that the prints would take 2or 3 months to be put in the forecourt. lol

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