“Fight for Love”: World Class Exhibition Showing the Warrior in Women - Gilda Garza’s Exhibition during Art Basel Miami

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Gilda Garza, a Mexican female artist from Sinaloa, has decided to exemplify the power and strength of a woman in her oeuvre, most especially in her latest offering she tagged “Fight for love”: a collection of artworks that capture the sexy, confident, persuasiveness side of a woman, and not the weak and vulnerable way that sexualizes the woman body.

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Gilda said after the glamorous world-class event that was held at Komodo Lounge, Art Basel in Miami, Gilda opened up a session in her heart to speak on the reasons for having the woman nature as the headliner of this year’s exhibition.
“We are in difficult times and terrible things have happened in the world, we cannot sit waiting with our head in the sand hoping that it will all get better. We have to make it better. It is time to go out and fight for our dreams, fight for our family, for our country, fight for love! That’s my inspiration for this exhibition “Fight for Love”, come out and be a warrior and fight for what you love most!”

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“I like waking up every day and seeing my warrior because he reminds me of who I am. We all have a warrior inside of us, we just need to be able to channel our warrior and fight for what matters in our lives”, Gilda added while calling on fellow women to stand up for what they love.
The event which marked her second year at Art Basel had in attendance some of the finest art collectors in the world.  Mr. David Grutman and his enterprise in Miami (Story, Liv, Komodo), and the Hakkasan Group in Las Vegas were there to add some colors to the grandeur.

Every artists’ joy is to see their works improving and attracting more collectors like “Fight for Love”. “This year, the difference was, as my business has started to expand, the overall event was much more focused on the art, and the people in attendance were there for the art. All I can say is thank you, God, we had back-to-back great exhibitions at Art Basel. Thank you God for all the people that you have surrounding me”, she said.

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Showing her appreciation to everyone who made it to the exhibition, Gilda poured out her heart of gratitude. “I can’t thank the Hakkasan Group and David Grutman enough for all their hospitality and support. There is no question why they have become a world-class organization, and they are a world class organization that knows how to throw a party! We had an amazing celebration with our close friends and collectors that attended the exhibition.”  “Art Basel in Miami is always an amazing event, but for me, this was the best of the best”, she added.
The artist, whose most expensive piece of art, The Queen of Roses, sells for $80,000, has decided to take her message of love around the world with the belief that each and every one can change the world and make it a better place to live.



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