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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the perfect gift for that special person


Born and raised in London, Emma Croft has been working as a Hair & Makeup Artist for 7 years with her work spanning across red carpet, advertising campaigns, music videos and film and TV. Emma is known for her broad skillset, working in both beauty makeup and special effects makeup, which has brought in campaigns for Stella McCartney, Jaguar and Rolex.

Sunday, 28 January 2018 19:02

Launch of furniture line Ulloo42

The Launch of Ulloo 42 saw celebrities and collectors alike attend the red carpet extravaganza. The event celebrated best friends Suzanne Currie and Lisa Abraham unveiling their first collection of their bespoke furniture brand at the famed Siren Studio’s in Los Angeles. Celebrity attendees walking the red carpet included; Michelle Lukes (Strikeback), Blake Cooper Griffin (Preacher), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Shelley Bhalla (Jane the Virgin), Lenay (Musician), Adrian Dev (Westworld), Bonnie Piesse (Star Wars) and Mercedes Young (Too Rome For Love).

Monday, 22 January 2018 20:06

Why is wearing all black so popular ?

From Monarchs to Manhattan, Black is Here to Stay.

Take a walk down the streets of New York City and you will notice a recurring theme; black is everywhere. There are women in black dresses. There are men in black suits. There are athletes in blacksports wear. There are children in black tights. There are universal black coats, black hatsand black umbrellas. Needless to say, New York is a city of endless black.


World-renowned designer, Francis Libiran, has recently launched his exquisite wedding and engagement ring collection, “Forever Francis Libiran.” Having designed wedding dresses for over 20 years, the designer has collaborated with J’s Diamond Jewellery, a startup with experience and expertise in fine jewelry, to come up with his first ever ring collection.



Monday, 01 January 2018 22:42

Artist/Model: Andi Young

As a singer-songwriter and a model, ANDI was named Charm of the Year by fashion magazines for 2017. When asked how he plans to balance his modeling career and music career, the pop star says ‘Music has always been a part of me since playing the violin when I was 4. Modeling is just another artistic outlet of mine, and I’m looking forward to releasing my original music of mine this year. ’


Gilda Garza, a Mexican female artist from Sinaloa, has decided to exemplify the power and strength of a woman in her oeuvre, most especially in her latest offering she tagged “Fight for love”: a collection of artworks that capture the sexy, confident, persuasiveness side of a woman, and not the weak and vulnerable way that sexualizes the woman body.

Hollywood’s Influential And Celebs Glammed It Up On The Red Carpet For Affluent Attaché’s Launch At OUE Skyspace LA

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