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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 14:11

Chic fashion style

I hate to say this but I'm not a big fan of snowing. I was born and grew up in Beijing (the capital city in China), where four seasons are clearly distinct and it snows a few times every winter. Even if during the years I was in the States for graduate school, I thought I could finally escape from snowing but ironically, my school is in Ohio, where I know what snow is really about.

Actress, Producer and Director, Lisa Pellegrene Discusses Forthcoming Debut of New Music and Dance Series: Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe.

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 14:02


KANDI BEADZ brand features fun, black-light reflective blinking friendship bracelets, made with assorted novelty beads and neon alphabet block letters that read: PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect), or you can opt for a custom made option. These bracelets LIGHT UP! The whimsically crafted accessories have L.E.D. super bright bulbs running through a stretchy cord. The multi-textured bracelets emit shine and color that goes perfect with any look. 



Elucid Magazine is looking for brand ambassadors. 

Its a blessing to be able to work with the finest. At Elucid Magazine, we always aim to do something new and accept the biggest challenge, to inspire New Yorkers. We are currently seeking to meet inspiring designers and quality brands. 
When you connect us with a quality brand, we will offer you a finder’s fee of $50.

As a bonus to being our ambassador, if you are also interested in modeling for the brand you introduce us to, we will offer you an additional $50. Brands agreement required.

For $350, here is what the brand gets:

  • A 30 seconds custom video commercial prepared by our team.
  • A feature in Elucidmagazine.com which includes video and written bio.
  • We will also promote the article & video through all our social media channels.
  • Orginal video file so the brand can reuse the video anywhere they like.


Here are some links.


Therefore, A brand pays $350 for a commercial and a feature in Elucid Magazine. You will get $50 as finders fee and additionlal $50, if you model for the brand. Please feel free to contact if you have any further questions.

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Creative Director

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 04:03

The Manofatto Experience

Manofatto – a premium leather fashion house that uses the finest Italian leather materials to create stunning accessories for everyday use.


Wednesday, 28 September 2016 03:55

Best Flowers Delivery and Gifts options

All right, and all you folks living away from the first special lady in your life must (or at least should) be wondering how do I make this one special. Well, flowers never fail. Unless theyíre the wrong color, of the wrong fragrance, not well trimmed from the bottom, not in even numbers, not fresh, not on time etc. Jokes apart, I know how every child feels about staying away from their mother.

EXCLUSIVE: Mosaic Worldwide Casts LAMDA Award Winning Actress Mary Cruz to appear in the second instalment of Confessions of Isabella.

I’m talking to Mary Cruz, the 26-year-old star of ‘Confessions of Isabella’, somewhere in Los Angeles. There’s less than two weeks before Mosaic Worldwide film hits our screens, and the cast have to talk up the movie — which they themselves have only recently seen — nearly every day. But that’s not slowing Mary Cruz down.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016 20:29

Fernando Triff debut his album this fall

After being mentioned on BuzzFeed as one of top 5 Summer Sensation. Fernando Triff​ announces his debut Ep will be out this Fall; So-called Time and Space​ one of the most awaited album of the year. Not just because this record has major producers that already worked with Rihanna ​and Rick Ross ​but also Triff​ has been scoring huge with critics and fans.

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