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Whether she is a world traveler or busy working mom, these designer bags work for all the active women in your life!


Thursday, 24 November 2016 04:05

Ghramae Johnson - Success Coach

In 2012, Ghramae published his first book, entitled The PBE System - How to Become Financially Free Investing in Property. It featured a guide that would show investors a simple way to build property portfolios, create passive and recurring income, and also how to establish the property once bought. 

Finding the balance between unique and affordable when searching for a holiday gift can often times take the joy out of the process. Not to mention nothing being worse than the feeling of receiving a gift you don't like. Most people quickly discover that the dollar amount highly determines the range of quality and options for potential gift ideas, especially when it comes to jewelry. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016 04:17

Light House


Light House


In several countries, modeling or even being a fashionista is a dream that will never come true for many young teenagers. The temptations are driven by social media, magazines, TV and fashion shows. Predictors search for these naive teenagers and lead them towards the path of becoming a victim of sex trafficking.  

Light House powered by Elucid Magazine is built to support and guide these dreamers towards making the right decision. Our program not only helps victims recover but also rescues from their current struggles. If fashion motivated these teenagers to take the risk, Fashion should also take the initiative to create awareness. Light House powered by Elucid Magazine has already signed up to be the voice and we need you to join us, spread this awareness and create solutions.  


Members get free access to fashion events affiliated with Light House, Each month a cool t-shirt will also be mailed to you, volunteering options is also available. Please sigh up using the form below and we will email you further membership details.  


We need your support as we rise by lifting others. 



fight against women trafficking


 Artist Lofts  Community Outreach  Opportunity Creations
Our home is a space of healing, friendships, and hope. Residents of our Safehome program can stay for up to 12-18 weeks to heal and start rebuilding their lives. We work with each resident to create a restoration plan that fulfills immediate, ongoing, and long-term needs. The goal of our community outreach is to identify and serve more foreign national survivors of sex trafficking.

An estimated 18,000 foreign nationals are trafficked into the US annually, but only a small percentage of victims are identified, leaving thousands hidden and exploited.

We refuse to leave women who are trafficked behind.

We are launching a new holistic Economic Empowerment Program that connects women to safe, sustaining jobs.

By equipping survivors with new skills and supporting them to transition into new jobs, we believe the women we serve will experience not only healing and restoration for themselves, but also for their children and generations to come.


Membership Plans



This is a free membership plan, it created for all who are willing to support the cause but arent able to financially donate.

Free members get free access and opportunity to volunteer at events assosiated with Lighthouse. Members alsoget 20 % discount on services offered by our assosiates.

Premium Members


This plan is  created for all who are willing to support the fight against women traffciking and able to donate financially. 

Premium Members get a t-shirt every month by mail, they also get free access and opportunity to volunteer at events assosiated with Lighthouse. Premium members also get 20 % discount on services offered by our assosiates.



This program is for businesses interested in not only supporting the fight againt women trafficking but also interested in having their services promoted through lighthouse marketing platform. 

All Lighthouse members will be offered 20% discount on your services. All premium members will be receive a t-shirt every month; your logo will be printed on it. Your brand will be also mentioned in every email marketing campaign affiliated with Light House. You will get free access to light house affiliated events.

Light House 


Tuesday, 15 November 2016 15:58

Designs for a new ballet work 'Replica'

Arch Contemporary Ballet collaborates with renowned 3D Print designer Merve Oztemel on costume designs for a new ballet work 'Replica'. I got to preview this new ballet and I was mind-blown, ACB is the future of ballet. They are not just a ballet company - they are music moguls, fashion trendsetters, tech savy artists, and last but not least, they are a new generation of ballet. Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise's vision is unparalleled.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 15:52

Pepaseed Off His Eight Self Titled book

Pepaseed Off His Eight Self Titled book Release This year Creating History Among his Many Genres Michael has surpassed himself has being one of the only Experimental Reggae Pop artiste From Jamaica to be a musician But Author And an Actor as well to do so in the world. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016 17:49


WrapCentury® turns the time by empowering wombmen to Wrap themselves in Love & Appreciation. As such, the prints reflect the rich Afrikan culture & lifestyle it was birth in. Henceforth WrapCentury® came alive.

Friday, 04 November 2016 13:48

Earl - “Existence After Real Love”

His name is Chris Mathewson but he is better known by the name, "Earl." E.A.R.L. is an acronym meaning: “Existence After Real Love”. It is also his given middle name.

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