Celebrity Creative director and business genius Parker talks about why he’s on tour.

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An unparalleled fixture in the fashion world, Parker is a distinguished Creative Director, Editor and marketing genius!, known for his effortless take on Fashion. We’ve followed his career for years now! And he has literally created a genius formula, giving everyday people an editorial/ad-campaign like photo experience with his creative eye and marketing vision. We caught up with this amazing guy Parker also known as “Parker XL” and we are just amazed by his skill level and humbleness. 

Why your tour Parker ? 

Well its very funny, this isn’t my first “Tour” my first one was last year it was a tour for my projects in Europe and it was called the “Glow Up Tour” but that Tour was more set up for commercial and print work with actual industry professionals. I began updating my Instagram @CreativeParkerXL with old and new projects images/tear sheets I begin getting hundreds of inquiries from everyday people asking me if they can be a model in my next project, even though allot of them aren’t “models” I then responded with you can still get a editorial like experience and photoshoot without being A model, the goal was to make the experience amazing and more inspiring, more relevant. It's hard to measure how someone can be effected by a captivated image of themselves.



Creative power shoot tour

You seem to have a handle on allot, you’ve worked on some big projects in various categories, Technology, Fashion, Beauty, how did you make this happen?
Its very funny how this Entertainment/Fashion/Production industry works… the more you do it the more you get versed in all components of production i.e. Makeup, Photography, Videography, Styling, Press. I’ve literally worked on every end of the industry rather official or un-official. I honestly keep my ear to the ground and my heart humble and open my mind to possibilities.  

How does it work ? It must be hard traveling with makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist and a photographer to do these shoots.
You know what… whats very interesting about this concept is I am the production team, outside of having a makeup artist on set I’m responsible for the concept, set design, styling and photography! Theres a huge mis conception that it takes thousands of dollars in equipment and a huge team to make a great production and finished product, but it doesn’t it only takes someone with the vision and the ability to execute. 


 RobbieTourCombined  robinspiration

So your first city on your tour was Minnesota, where else do you plan on going ?
The tour is set to go to LA, which I'm based in, Chicago, Miami, Mexico.

Whats next for you ?
Right now I’m focused on my tour, Im also a partner in Parker & Reid which is a Creative Branding, PR & Social Media Agency. So I’m having allot of fun creative strategizing our clients brands along with the marketing. What I do with P&R is a nice mix of art directing and marketing, which I feel like is a refreshing mixture.

So what do you do exactly ? I mean we’ve followed your career for a while now and I know at one point you where a celebrity media correspondent, then a celebrity image architect what is it exactly you do ?   
Well all these things are true. Im a business man before a creative/artist. Without the money an artist cannot propel to there fullest potential. When I first started in this industry I got allot of work being a red carpet correspondent, interviewing the likes of Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, Fifth Harmony to name a few, to then working with Musicians for there wardrobe direction and tour closet such as Lizzo, Lil Chuckee, J Balvin. Then got into more of the business side and commercial side of the business.

Was it hard working with these everyday subjects that don't have “modeling experience” It wasn’t hard it was actually very refreshing being able to work with some people who where completely new to this, because they had a pre conceived idea on poses and what looks good on camera and it was nice to direct them.


Where did you draw your inspiration for some of the concepts?
Well, all of the subjects come from different walks of life! Robbie she's an artist and I was inspired by androgyny and Mona Lisa for her. Rob is a entrepreneur. With Sonya I was inspired by Dorothy Dandridge she has so much poise and grace which may come from the fact she's a journalist and mother. I was able to transform these people with the help of Jamie Holly Artistry.


Twitter | @RealParkerXL Instagram | @ParkerXL   website | www.parkerxl.com 


Parker XL 8894
Photo: Christie Rachelle Photography


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