Designs for a new ballet work 'Replica'

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 15:58 Written by

Arch Contemporary Ballet collaborates with renowned 3D Print designer Merve Oztemel on costume designs for a new ballet work 'Replica'. I got to preview this new ballet and I was mind-blown, ACB is the future of ballet. They are not just a ballet company - they are music moguls, fashion trendsetters, tech savy artists, and last but not least, they are a new generation of ballet. Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise's vision is unparalleled.

Pepaseed Off His Eight Self Titled book

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Pepaseed Off His Eight Self Titled book Release This year Creating History Among his Many Genres Michael has surpassed himself has being one of the only Experimental Reggae Pop artiste From Jamaica to be a musician But Author And an Actor as well to do so in the world. 

Earl - “Existence After Real Love”

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His name is Chris Mathewson but he is better known by the name, "Earl." E.A.R.L. is an acronym meaning: “Existence After Real Love”. It is also his given middle name.

Mey Ferdinand

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Mey has started acting, dancing and modeling in a young age.


"Hora de ir embora quando o corpo quer ficar Toda alma de artista quer partir Arte de deixar algum lugar" 


Actress, Producer and Director, Lisa Pellegrene Discusses Forthcoming Debut of New Music and Dance Series: Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe.

Actor/Model and VoiceOver Artist, Brian E. Neal Recently Featured in “Best of” Vogue Italia, Proves Hard Work and Determination is the Key to Success.

Fernando Triff debut his album this fall

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After being mentioned on BuzzFeed as one of top 5 Summer Sensation. Fernando Triff​ announces his debut Ep will be out this Fall; So-called Time and Space​ one of the most awaited album of the year. Not just because this record has major producers that already worked with Rihanna ​and Rick Ross ​but also Triff​ has been scoring huge with critics and fans.

Trumpet phenom SYREETA THOMPSON releases new album

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New York’s “Trumpet Lady” Teams Up with Hezekiah Walker in New Album “Winner”

CHICAGO, IL – Chicago’s top independent film company 4 Features Film, has just announced the upcoming theatrical release of their new feature film Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers. 4 Features Film is a full service production company that is known for their high quality independent films and also their television commercials which has won them multiple Telly Awards.