Marvin Joers is the managing partner of his own performance marketing agency. But with his VVVISAGE brand, he has turned what was initially a private hobby into a second line of work. He himself speaks of a certain ambivalence, which is also often used as a text motif on his designs. Although he has taken a very business-oriented direction - after all, he studied business informatics at a renowned German university and has been employed as a lecturer since a young age - he is concerned about the physical health of his generation. An increasing flattening, generalization through the use of social networks worries him. He, therefore, interprets his brand as an appeal.

Each of his jackets is uniquely painted. As individual as the character of each person.

"I also honestly underestimated the multitude of individual requests at first. Especially with individual requests, I like to deal directly with people and their personalities. No one has been dissatisfied yet."

VVVISAGE is the name of his brand. Joers explains the origin as follows:

"In a certain way, people create a second face for themselves, a modified image of their personality, and this is especially true in a digital context. I'm primarily interested in the true face of society, what concerns us, what hurts us - thoughts that are free of filters. "


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