Multi-talented, actress/singer/writer, Tama Leia is penning her first novel, La Femme de Troye (The Wife of Troye) which she intends to turn into a film when the time is right.

In addition to this she writes in an Academic column tilted, The Educational Journal.

 Although she is mainly an artist, she is fond of learning the business side as well. And she raves about the knowledge she acquired in her Entrepreneurship classes at Harvard Business School with American Author and Professor William A Sahlman who helped inspire much of her work. After learning how to build businesses from scratch she created her clothing and jewelry line, Tama Leia Luxe, where she gets to pour her heart out creating fashion films and ads.




How do you get your projects to the point of perfection? How do you know when you have created the desired effect?

I am always looking to create an emotional impact in everything I do in the field of art… It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to evoke a response that reaches to the depths of one’s soul.

My family and friends give me lots of feedback on my projects. I love all their ideas. It is so lovely to see how much everyone wants to contribute! I adore collaborating in that way. I value everyone’s ideas and feedback so much. 


Beyond asking for feedback from friends and family is there anything else involved in the process of creating your art?

Yes, l read a lot, I listen to a lot of music, I watch stylish films for inspiration. I also take the time to evaluate my art: I try to find anything that can be improved.  I will watch videos of myself singing which helps me figure out my vocal range.  If I find sing a cover song that works well for my voice, it helps me narrow down the kind of songs that I want to write. I’m still figuring out my signature style which is a lot of fun.

I look at my work from the audience’s viewpoint. Each time it was a brand-new story or song to me. It is a very useful action for me as an artist because it’s much more obvious what adjustments need to be made when I approach from that viewpoint.


What are your thoughts on the fame and fortune aspect when it comes to creating as an artist?  

I think that the most beautiful thing about being in a high-profile position is the special opportunity to bring about change in our culture in a positive way. I love being an educator and a writer for that very reason.

When I see writers, actors, musicians, and other influential people enlightening, inspiring, and uplifting our culture that is what is most beautiful to me. I admire that kind of influence and leadership utterly with a passion.

When it comes to money, I am happiest when I am making a lot of money because it is an acknowledgment of my good work. But more importantly in the grand scheme of things the true importance of money for me is how much help I, (and we), can give the world from it.




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