The former director of Thimoj NFTs. The French press has taken up the subject.


Teddy Celdran has decided to step down as head of Thimoj for a new director wishing to remain Anonymous. A strong decision is explained by a past that has been brought to light through the media around the world. Fox News, BBC, New York Times, and New York Weekly and it is the turn of the French media to relay the news since the Express, the 20 minutes and the world took over the case.

The former director of Thimoj who made the largest Ethereum transfer in his country with 4 transfers of 11,230 ETH each is now recognized for his financial and economic influence. In particular, he was impressed by his innovation in the NFTs environment by proposing DEFI contracts and ever more precise operations of the various Blockchain on which he worked. Encodings are more likely to make exchanges smoother and graphics cards are ever more advanced.

Many questions have been asked about it. How an investment was possible to mount Thimoj and all the collections that could make it take off? We learned that he had initiated a satellite management program a few years ago. Creation and a patent that several U.S. companies and special services shared after buying it. Thus he was able to build the empire of Thimoj NFTs which literally crushed everything in its path.

Not only is it an unusual past, but it is also a mysterious future as he decided to disappear again leaving his company in the hands of his team. Everything was done intelligently, as he created premises and headquarters for Thimoj in Miami. He has also created offices for communication and investment in Silicon Valley and a charity foundation called The Junny in southeastern France.



A real work of goldsmiths to put his society in a safe place.

His departure would herald a return to the services for which he had previously worked, and the French media should begin to speak about it in the days or weeks to come since they have received the agreement of the French special services on this subject.

So France's most influential ETH whale is definitely withdrawing, taking with it so many questions that will probably go unanswered forever.



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