Looking for most 5 Male Fashion Influencers on Instagram? Maybe you need some creative lifestyle inspiration? Here are the top 5 rising men’s fashion influencers on IG that you MUST follow now!

Most 5 Male Fashion Influencers:

Chris Parker (@parkerxl)

Aside from being a fashion and lifestyle social media influencer, Chris Parker aka parkerxl is one of the respected celebrity creative directors and business moguls of Hollywood. His love for tech and unique style has propelled him into countless career placements. He uses his marketing skills and creative concepts to be one of the competing content creators of today.

See more of Chris Parker on his IG at @parkerxl.



Daniel Simmons (@imdanielsimmons)

Hailing from London, United Kingdom, Daniel Simmon also works on photography and fitness. In his YouTube channel, he describes the focus of his content to be something that is “showcasing different styles and promoting a positive outlook on standing out and trying new things.”

Follow his posts on Instagram at @imdanielsimmons.

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Joe Laschet (@joe_laschet)

Find him at @joe_laschet.

Suits. Coats. Hats. Blazers. Everything that speaks “gentleman,” Joe Laschet promotes on his page. An influencer from Germany, Laschet shows off his fashion by pairing dapper suits and coats with matching hats. His style keeps the classic men’s fashion of the British while giving it a modern touch.

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Adam Gonon (@adamgonon)

Adam Gonon is the co-founder of Gentlemans Creative, a channel that focuses on men’s fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Based in New York City, Gonon also shows off his travel content to his page, as well as fitness-related content. His styles go from casual to sporty to formal to business. See more at @adamgonon.

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Dominik Rubino (@dominikrubino)

Another one from Mannheim, Germany, Dominik Rubino’s fashion focuses on casual wear and streetwear that will make anyone look classy while not being “too formal.” Aside from his fashion style, Rubino also publishes his travels as well as fitness-related content.

Find him at @dominikrubino.

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