Driven by his love and passion for music, The GRAMMY Nominee Recording Artist “Xavier E” has added to his portfolio of beautiful releases an awesome release on the 30th of November 2020: A wonderful Adult Contemporary one version single called “Cruel Like That”! The song is lovely, classy, ear friendly, suitable for DJs, radio stations, and night clubs worldwide. It also fits to be played everywhere and to be supported by people from all ages. The decent beat and the classy music melodies and harmonies, as well as Xavier’s unique beautiful and charming voice in the song remind us of the old gold freestyle Pop hit “Spring Love” that was performed by “Stevie B” in the late eighties. Xavier E’s tune also fits for the film industry and TV series because many productions there suite its genre and style. It’s really good to do this kind of tracks during these days in which such a high caliber style is really needed and required in the Music, Film, and TV Series Industries and Markets! This main release can be found on ITunes, Spotify, youtube, as well as on many other platforms.

In 2021, “Cruel Like That” got and still getting more and more exposure and a big national and international success, especially while being played by some top DJs and radio stations worldwide, and majorly in The United States Of America (USA). Few months after being well rotated, the single entered the DRT Charts and still until this moment listed there in two categories: In The Top 200, and in The Independent Top 150… As well as its artwork is published on the main DRT Charts web page. Until this moment, the song is still competing successfully there for its 7th week in a row, after climbing and reaching NUMBER FOUR in the DRT’s Independent Top 150 Charting category! This thing is considered a big accomplishment for Xavier E in his first ever charted single there. People loved it and sent many good feedbacks about it, and are waiting for more of his new tracks to hear… Xavier E, who really enjoys spreading peace and love through his music, thanked the DRT Charts and all the radio stations, DJs, Media Institutions, as well as all his fans for their support, hoping always for the best to come. To know more about him, to listen to his music and to follow his news and updates, please check his main website:

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