The Midnight League is a British soccer horror film based in London by American director Marcus Warren.



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For those of you who recall the list of British soccer films such as Mean Machine, Green Street and football factory will know that one thing they all have in common is the soccer hooliganism element... ..but none until now have the horror genre. So I was interested to find out more about this horror feature.

I met with Actor Pablo Al-Kaalik at England’s Wembley stadium during the final filming of The Midnight League, where we discussed the film, it’s concept and Pablo’s future plans.

Tell me a little about the film and your journey into the role?

The midnight league is a film about an underground match played at night with a group of die-hard fans which goes horribly wrong. I play a press reporter called Victor who’s a man about town, bit of a fixer who lures Dan (Rik Young) into this underground match he plays in. The character is quite interesting because he’s a bit tongue in cheek with a real dark side.

I remember meeting Marcus (Director) around 2017 in Leicester Square London and he introduced the film. Coming from a football background I was drawn to the idea immediately and saw the connection. It was a feeling of fight club meets soccer.

I heard of Marcus Warren (Director) from one of his earlier films “The Heavy” with Vinnie Jones, so I knew this style of work. Vinnie is a great actor who I respect and I have followed his transition from football into a film. So working with Marcus was a no brainer.

Could you see The Midnight League concept becoming a reality? minus the horror of course!

It’s a really interesting concept which I would love to see played professionally as a full-contact version of soccer. Obviously, there would need to be a load of rules, but yeah it would be great to watch.

What can we expect to see from you this year?

I have an interesting year ahead with some including online productions. Online is such a huge space right now and it’s ever growing. It’s a great platform for all actors. 

There have been a lot of comparisons between online and cinema, but I don’t think we will ever stop going to cinemas. They both have a place in this industry. Online gives the viewers that flexibility to enjoy their favorite shows or film on the go. 

This year I want to keep my characters diverse, so I will try to play roles which challenge me.


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