Alex was born in Erice/Italy and grew up in Toronto/Canada by his Grandparents, who had emigrated from Italy. At the age of 14 he decided to take voice lessons, but didn't have the money to pay the vocal coach, he went to the Gospel Choir, where he starts singing and learning all the skills that he needs for going on stage. Only 1 year later, he got his big chance, to be part of the boyband "4U " and after only 2 years of hard working, they received their first record deal. 


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But unfortunately 1 year later the group split up. And Alex decided to go solo. So he met the big Armin Sabol who in the early '80s had a worldwide hit, with Peter Schillings "Major Tom". Armin and Alex become really good friends, and Armin becomes his mentor and teaching him, how to produce music. Alex is working today as a singer/songwriter and music producer. 

And right now he is currently working on his first solo album in collaboration with another artist. 

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