Actress Ambyr Childers may be recognizable from her starring role on the hit Netflix series YOU, however, she has been making her mark on people and their style these days with her trendy new jewelry collection under her own name.



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The new jewelry line brings forth an elegant style that can be worn while just lounging around or while out for a special occasion.


We spoke to Ambyr exclusively to find out more about her various collections, running a company while also being a full-time mother & actress, and how things have been going during these ‘strange’ times...


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1. What trends in the fashion and jewelry market have you been seeing since getting into the space yourself?

I have seen a lot of color, and a lot of bold jewelry in cool shapes. That's why I love our StarDance collection, they are classic jewelry pieces with a geometric twist! Our StarDance hoops are some of my favorite pieces. We also offer a lot of our products in rose gold, which I am seeing more and more of!


2. Have you always wanted to have your own jewelry brand, or what inspired you to?

My grandmother taught me that jewelry holds an invaluable truth and can be worn as a talisman to empower a woman's strength in her femininity. Seeing jewelry as a part of me and a way to express myself and channel strength is what inspired me to start my own brand.  Jewelry is forever, it is something that can be passed down and cherished from generation to generation, and that was something that really felt special to me and my family.


3. Are there any special personal stories behind any of your unique items?

I created my Rise Totem Collection to celebrate and honor the bonds we form as women. I love to see my customers enjoying the Rise Totem pieces and sharing them with important women in their lives.


4. What do you feel sets your pieces apart from others out there?

I put so much thought and love into every single piece we create. My pieces incorporate many unique stones that hold different meanings, my Rise Totem collection is made to celebrate our bonds as women. I want people to think of my pieces not just as beautiful accessories but as talismans of strength and meaning.


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5. Is it difficult to juggle running a business and also being a fulltime actress?

Yes, being a mom, business owner, actress and entrepreneur can feel overwhelming at times, but I actually find that I'm better under pressure. The brand has given me so much purpose and strength and when things become challenging, I have to take a step back and remember why I do this and how lucky I am to chase my dreams. Nothing in life comes easy.


6. What are you most looking forward to doing after COVID-19 goes away and we get back to "normal"?

Travelling and getting back to work! I can't wait to go to Mexico. As far as the brand goes, I would love to start doing more in-person pop ups and events once things are safe again.


7. What do you hope people feel when they wear one of your pieces?

I hope people feel calmed and inspired when they wear my pieces. I wear this jewelry every single day and it truly provides the comfort and strength I need in the madness that comes from being a mom, business owner, partner, and now at-home-school teacher! If the jewelry can help other people find their strength, and look good doing it, then it has served its purpose.   


8. What new collections are you working on that you can tease our readers with?

We are always working on new pieces for our AC tribe! We just launched the Malachite Eclipse collection, which we have seen a great reaction to from our customers. I'm always looking for new, gorgeous stones that I can incorporate into my pieces.


9. Where can we buy your Ambyr Childers jewelry pieces at right now?

You can buy everything on our website, Make sure to check out the sales we have going on!


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