This year's stop of the international real estate fair, which is closely related to the real estate agenda of the country and the world, was in Kazakhstan. A familiar company from Turkey participated in the fair, which was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and attracted great attention globally. Realtor Turkey Gayrimenkul A.Ş. Participating in the highly anticipated fair of recent times, he shared his experiences in this field and developed projects by learning about global expectations on the spot.

Dozens of Kazakh and international real estate companies participated in the fair held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 24-25 June and shared their current investments along with their projects. At the same time, 2023 global expectations and new trends were among the agenda items shared by the participants.

Huge Participation in the Fair from Turkey

Realtor Turkey Real Estate Chairman of the Board Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu was among the guests specially invited to this year's fair. Talking about his projects and the trends in the coming years, the famous businessman stated that the pandemic, civil wars, and the tension between Russia and Ukraine had an impact on global real estate demands and that many people came to Turkey to make new investments. Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu also talked about the support packages provided in Turkey and the new guarantees of the Ministry of Commerce and invited investors to the country.

Reminding that his projects include ideal conditions and materials not only for domestic residents but also for international citizens, the famous businessman said that this year, tens of thousands of foreign citizens were resettled within the country for rent or sale purposes. Stating that this process will continue in the same way in the coming years, Anıl Ulaş Övençoğlu stated that besides trust and practicality in international investments, companies that do the right process management come to the fore and Realtor Turkey is one of them.

Stating that people from different countries can visit their projects on site whenever they wish, Övençoğlu talked about all of his projects in detail in his presentations in Kazakhstan.

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