On April 28 was a Saturday afternoon was a great moment where designers came together under one roof to present their collection as well display an expression that interprets their fashion ascetic.

In this afternoon in midtown Manhattan, the Paul Hotel Nyc was a space where people of all cultures intersect came together to share fashion and awareness. If you were to be staying at the hotel that weekend you would have been able to witness this wonderful event.

3e presentation 2

An event created by FDC Young Designer Awards and if you attended this event you’d have the opportunity to meet designers that are from multiple places in the world. This event was raising awareness to a very rare disease which is a syndrome for many years often misdiagnosed. This syndrome is called Angelman Syndrome. With this level of awareness brings new light towards an education on what we do not know and how we can understand. Collectively coming together each designer and vendors participated in this afternoon raising an awareness with the help of each designer presented in a form on their personal collection that happens to be inspired by these conditions.

3e presentation 4

        With a handful of each designer we got to see different talents, as this afternoon unfolded with introductions and presentation we also had the chance to on the side speak to one particular designer. Jean Fredeling was happy to take a moment to speak with us and tell what he felt about the afternoon and his choice materials also different fabrics. He calls his work 3rdeye brand/3EB . Jean's presentation displayed a very simple everyday look with a touch of vibrant fabrics, blues hue, and moods, these moods he refers to scenario fashion he later stated his use of blue creates trust, stability, a great healing power as much as confidence. Our conversation with Jean was short but that because his clothing did most of the talking.

       Finally, this experience fashion was not viewed as superficial but an avenue on support. Jean passion towards his work was beautiful. We can definitely see his designs being worn by his taste of woman and idea of the male figure. Contemporary has evolved.  Below I have some lovely photos and links you can see more of the event as well 3EB designs.


3e presentation 6

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