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Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Nepal, Ankit Rauniyar's journey from a young dreamer to a leading force in the fashion-tech industry and marketing is nothing short of inspiring. At the age of 19, Ankit moved to the bustling metropolis of New York, a city that would become the canvas for his entrepreneurial endeavors and innovative spirit.

Ankit's passion for fashion and technology culminated in the creation of Elucid Magazine, a fashion-tech publication that has become a beacon in the industry. Elucid Magazine is more than just a magazine; it is a platform that unites leading visionaries and artists under one editorial roof. The magazine is dedicated to celebrating fashion, innovation, and those who inspire change. Through Elucid Magazine, Ankit has successfully created a community that cares deeply about what works and what doesn't in the ever-evolving fashion world.

Building on the success of Elucid Magazine, Ankit founded FashionHub, a symposium that brings together the best minds in the fashion and technology sectors. FashionHub serves as a collaborative space where industry leaders can share insights, discuss innovations, and shape the future of fashion-tech. Ankit's vision for FashionHub is to foster a culture of creativity and technological advancement within the fashion industry.

Ankit's entrepreneurial spirit doesn't stop at fashion-tech. He is also the founder of Franchise Magazine USA, a publication dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge, tools, and connections needed to succeed in the dynamic franchise industry. Franchise Magazine USA provides expert insights, navigates industry challenges, celebrates successes, and offers a comprehensive directory of lucrative franchise opportunities. Through this magazine, Ankit aims to drive forward the franchise industry by providing valuable information and fostering a community of successful entrepreneurs.


Ankit Rauniyar: Mastermind Behind Marketing Success

With over nine years of experience in the marketing industry, Ankit Rauniyar is a true expert in leadership, audience strategy, and project management. His ability to optimize campaigns across print, digital, virtual, and in-person events is unparalleled. Specializing in public relations, lead generation, automation, strategic partnership, and data-driven marketing strategies, Ankit employs both organic and paid approaches to achieve impactful results. His background includes a degree in advertising design, along with skills in video editing, web development, and AI integrations.

Ankit's expertise has seen him directing marketing for the nation’s largest franchise expo, driving audience expansion and engagement for newsletters with over a million subscribers, and fueling growth and registrations for top national conferences, webinars, and trusted publications.

Beyond his professional achievements, Ankit is an AI enthusiast, video editing aficionado, and real estate investor. His love for food and travel reflects his adventurous spirit and curiosity about the world. Currently residing in New York, Ankit continues to be a dynamic force in the marketing and fashion-tech industries, constantly seeking new ways to innovate and inspire.

In every venture he undertakes, Ankit Rauniyar demonstrates a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of his industries. His work continues to shape the future of fashion-tech and marketing, making him a true visionary and leader in his fields.

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