Anna Parkman is a psychologist, writer, and life coach whose mission is to guide others through healing from trauma. Her recent endeavor of becoming an author is a new path she is exploring to expand her compassion and insight to help a broader group of people.

Anna Parkman is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Life in Russia was not easy for her as a young girl. Growing up with divorced parents and coping with mother and daughter relationship conflicts, she was mistreated and experienced many challenges at a young age. One of the ways she escaped was through books. She would read multiple books on psychology and human development.

Despite the trials and tribulations, she persevered and graduated from The University of Saint Petersburg to pursue a career in public relations. However, throughout her early career, she knew that something was missing in her life. Her traumatic experiences as a child still lingered in her mind and she wanted to go further within herself to start the process of healing. 

Anna Parkman decided to leave Russia and make the move to America to get a fresh start and look for more opportunities. Moving from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Miami in the United States changed her life and altered her career path. She transitioned from public relations to getting an education to become a psychologist and life and health coach.

Her past experiences with childhood trauma made her want to help others who might have gone through similar situations and those who are still holding on to past wounds. Enna Parkman is very well-educated, caring, and is interested in exploring different levels of trauma. In her profession, she explores multiple techniques that include art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and child psychology.


When people go through traumatic experiences, especially at a young age they tend to seek out answers and are looking within themselves. Anna Parkman's life was no different. Therefore, her past experiences and knowledge compelled her to write a book.

Her newest book “Apocalyptin” is about the effects of trauma through her eyes and the life journey it takes to overcome scenarios. It is the journey of letting go and seeing the light through chaos and gloom, and metaphorically developing strength as the main character in our own story. When writing her book “Apocalyptin”, she wrote it with a therapeutic mind. 

“Apocalyptin” is a form of fairytale therapy, teaching through stories to help others better understand what they might be going through. She takes her wisdom and incorporates it into her story by using the tools she has learned to hopefully inspire and help others through their individual struggles.

Throughout the past decade of living in Miami, Anna started a family, a new career, and regained confidence in herself. She encourages others to take the leap and step into their power to be able to heal as she did. She believes that her book is a new way to help others towards the path of recovery and to offer additional support to those who might be afraid to speak to someone.

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