Valentine’s day has always been known as a day for love and traditional gifts like flowers and chocolates. But it seems this may be changing…



In the last few years, rather than traditional gifts of flowers, chocolates or diamonds we’ve seen a rising trend of people purchasing facial injection services for themselves or their significant other.

There are definitely a couple different thoughts as to why this is a growing trend. For the case of those not currently in a relationship - the thinking is one of how Valentine’s day can serve to be a reminder that they’re not currently in a relationship.

As such, these people may be thinking more of their outward appearance and be more easily swayed to purchase various products and services that might enhance their outward beauty such as manicures, makeup, liposuction and even facial injections in the hopes of attracting a significant other.

It’s not uncommon for those not currently in a relationship (that are bothered by it) to turn Valentine’s day into an excuse for a day of self-pampering at the spa as a means of turning their attention elsewhere.

On the other hand, with those currently in a relationship there is some interesting food for thought.

As time has gone on, facial injections have become less of a taboo service that isn’t openly talked about and/or viewed as being unsafe. The services are generally viewed as safe now and there are more options than ever before for facial injection treatments. In fact, these services are being viewed more as regular pampering services similar to getting a facial at the spa.

As such, not only are we seeing a rise in women purchasing these services for themselves but we are actually seeing men purchase these services for their significant other as they are seen to be as acceptable a gift as a gift certificate to the spa.

Whichever the reason though, injectable service businesses are embracing this new trend by coming out with various Valentine’s day facial injection specials sales specifically geared towards the holiday.

It’s not surprising to see this happening either, as retailers have always been quick to jump on new trends that emerge with buyers. There are already Valentine’s day specials in all sorts of industries besides the typical flowers and chocolates (such as salons and spas). In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that even jewelry was seen as untraditional on Valentine’s day. But now, most (if not all) jewelers have jumped on the Valentine’s day marketing bandwagon to push jewelry as being the ultimate Valentine’s day gift.

It makes perfect sense though that you’re seeing more peripheral industries getting involved. Because Valentine’s day has moved beyond just being a day for loving your significant other but also loving yourself and as such trying to present your best self to your significant other on this day.

Think about it… Generally, the traditional date would be dressing up and going out for dinner and drinks followed up by a romantic encounter when you get home with your significant other. As such, this is why both parties do a lot of things in preparation to look their best. They are getting their hair done, shaving, putting on makeup, buying a new outfit and even going as far as doing other cosmetic things like teeth whitening and now, facial injections. So why wouldn’t a business promote these services when they know they are going to be in high demand? At least you’re going to be able to benefit by taking advantage of their sales.

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