Whenever the first snow starts falling, it time to wear your cuddly c. These comfortable lambskin boots can keep your feet warm and cozy, and look great as well. It is hard imagining life these days without those trendy boots.  To make sure that your Bearpaw Boots last for the longest amount of time, we have a few tips for you for caring and cleaning your Bearpaw Boots properly. 



Bearpaw Boots.


Bearpaw Boots are made out of high-quality leather. The basis of the boots are formed by natural by-products such as sheep's wool and hides. The soft lambskin fibers insulate your feet when it is bitterly cold.  Their suede outer leathers are very eye-catching.  Lambskin provides the best protection on cold days against the elements.

To make sure that your shoes and feet remain presentable throughout the entire winter, your Bearpaw Boots need to have plenty of care and attention. First of all, you need to make sure that you maintain the matte appearance of the suede. Second of all, you need to protect your lambskin boots against the cold.  Temperature fluctuations, melted water, and road salt put a lot of strain on natural lambskin material.  That is why it is essential to care and clean your Bearpaw Boots on a regular basis. 

Cleaning Bearpaw Boots - Tips for effectively cleaning lambskin boots

Basically, the classic Bearpaw Boot is made similar to a glove. The boot's sheep's wool clings to your skin softly, and the sole is shaped only slightly. Mostly high-quality suede leather is used on the exterior of the boots and is therefore porous. Before you wear your lambskin boots outside for the very first time, they need to be impregnated.  Otherwise, they will start to show signs of wear very quickly. Then, unfortunately, your Bearpaw Boots will be living up to their name.   

To achieve the best results, you should always first clean your Bearpaw Boots with a Collonil Nubuck Box for nubuck leather or use a cleaning brush. That perks the leather structure up once again.  Gentle rubbing can brush off rough dirt.  It is very important that your boots be kept dry.  If not, dirt particles might be worked into the leather. In this situation, less is more: otherwise, the suede might lose its structure.

After you clean your lambskin boots, let them dry for 24 hours at least.  That will enable the water to evaporate out of the lambskin fibers. Because Bearpaw Boots are very sensitive to heat and light, never put them in the sun. Make sure you always work on both of the boots anytime you are cleaning Bearpaw Boots.  Each time you clean the boots, the lambskin fibers will become paler due to losing pigment.     

If you have very dirty Bearpaw Boots, the ideal solution is Collonil’s Bamboo Lotion. You can remove dirt very easily by using this product. This bamboo extract also helps to prevent material from drying out.  Ignore any recommendations for using water to wash sensitive lambskin boots: that will make your Bearpaw Boots look really ugly!     




Bearpaw Boots Care - Impregnation

Although lambskin boots are very attractive, they are highly susceptible to weather.  These boots find winter to be a very challenging time.  The streets are covered with melted ice, road salt, and chemicals. Within a short period of time, salt stains might appear on your boots' porous suede. That is why it is an absolute must to impregnate your Bearpaw Boots: you can then just use a lint-free, damp cloth to wipe away salt stains and watermarks.

Specially created impregnation sprays can help to preserve the unique aesthetic of your sensitive Bearpaw Boots and keep them in shape for a longer period of time. The more often the spray is used, the more your shoes will appreciate it.  A special impregnation spray is offered b Collonil for fashionable lambskin boots.  It protects against salt, snow, and water stains while caring for the leather at the same time: valuable oils freshen the colors up and replace lost nutrients. Spray your lambskin boots completely and evenly from a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters. Once the surface is damp, let the boots dry for several hours.  If the material is totally soaked, marks will appear shortly. Your Bearpaw Boots will need 24 hours to dry in a cool, dark place.    

Fluid care products and shoe creams should be used only in exceptional circumstances.  You cannot distribute them over the rough leather evenly, and the fiber structure becomes sticky.  When an impregnation spray is used on lambskin boots, that can be prevented.  After the boots are completely dry, use a soft brush to work them and restore their characteristic appearance.      


Care tips


Step 1:

Let the Bearpaw Boots dry

Before cleaning wet boots, let them dry first so that the dirt particles don't get worked into the leather.

Step 2: Clean

Both boots should be cleaned at the same time, to prevent color differences from arising. 

Dry cleaning

Use a soft brush, like the Nubuck Box or Suede-Boy, to remove rough dirt off of dry boots. That will also help to perk the leather structure up.

Damp cleaning

When you have stubborn dirt to deal with, spray your Bearpaw Boots with Bamboo Lotion.  Then use a cleaning brush to brush them. 

Step 3: Impregnation

Refresh the impregnation after each cleaning. Use Fashion Spray to spray on your boots inside of a well-ventilated room or outside at a 30-centimeter distance.  Cover the boots evenly.  Then repeat this step once your Bearpaw Boots are dry.

Due to the impregnation spray additional protective action, the leather will be supplied with nutrients and its colors will be refreshed.  No additional care products are required by your Bearpaw Boots.




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