Bondi Beach native, Bronwyn Leigh Jones, is the entrepreneur shaking up the male-dominated industries of luxury real estate and activism with her ambitious and success-driven mindset. This one-woman show has proven herself to be an unstoppable force time and time again. With her high-profile clientele and unmatched business sense in tow, she's taking over every industry she touches. 


Bronwyn Jones impressive resume was not built overnight; in fact, her career began while attending high school in Australia's country music capital.  She began to pursue her dreams of being a singer/songwriter and actress. Though, she also began her modeling career around this time. Years later, after finding success in the entertainment industry and traveling the world, Bronwyn discovered her passion for the entrepreneurial world. It was then that she broke into the venture capital industry and founded her sustainability brand Coral Solutions.

She describes Coral's first client experience with DelosTM, “Working with ​DelosTM was a powerful experience for me, in that it deepened my passion for inspiring builders and developers to add wellness applications and technologies into their development, to become more Green.”

Coral may have started as a sustainability consulting firm, but Bronwyn Jones quickly broadened their horizons to include luxury real estate, fashion and lifestyle, and sustainable development innovations. Bronwyn has forged her own path in her respective industries with her close client relationships and commitment to sustainability.

With inspiration from her close friends like Amanza Smith from Selling Sunset and the gratification that came with closing an escrow, Bronwyn began to shift her focus to California's real estate industry. What sets her apart in such a competitive industry is her approach to the home buying process. Grounded in sustainability with an emphasis on fostering each client relationship, Bronwyn brings a unique experience to her clients.  



It is not just her approach to real estate that sets her apart from the crowd; Bronwyn has lived in Los Angeles for nearly two decades. She knows the Hollywood Hills and Orange county like the back of her hand. All of this, paired with her keen eye for design and fierce ambition, Bronwyn has been extremely successful as a real estate agent. She specializes in, "new developments that are innovative and modern with wellness and sustainable applications."

Despite working with some of the highest-profile clientele in the state, some of Bronwyn's favorite clients are the single mothers she finds the perfect homes for. "A passion close to my heart is helping single mothers buy their first homes -- women who might be struggling after going through a divorce, or getting back on their feet." She describes, "It is exhilarating helping women buy a home for themselves for the first time, and it makes my job so fulfilling." 

As CEO of CORAL, a strategic consulting business accelerating services to emerging technology innovators, Greentech, wellness, and sustainability, her extensive experience allows her real estate clients to be aware of more than just the property they would purchase.

Using her background in founding and leading Coral, Bronwyn provides her clients with invaluable insights on finding a luxurious but environmentally friendly home. She often works with designers and developers to ensure that the homes they are building combine elements of sustainability with luxury.  

Bronwyn Jones acknowledges that Green technology is the future of construction and modern real estate, and her hands-on approach to making sure clients see homes to their full potential makes her an agent that is so successful. While "other agents might focus on showing a huge number of homes, or exaggerating value," she focuses on "transparency, and quality over quantity. This focus on quality and transparency has allowed me to develop interpersonal relationships and hone the skill of intuition and mutual trust with my clients." Her network allows for unique access to private, exclusive, off-market, and pocket listings that competitors cannot even imagine listing.     

Actress, musician, humanitarian, businesswoman, and mother, Bronwyn is truly an inspiration to women everywhere. Her advice to other women seeking the success she has found, "Stay positive and meditate. Create goals, and relentlessly pursue those goals. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and want you to succeed. Find like-minded creative people and mentors that you can learn from and take you to the next level."






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