Canal Street is a well-known music festival in Norway. It is an event that beautifully combines music with the unique beauty, culture and history of this place. Arendal is a lovely area, with picturesque views and this makes the whole event an even bigger success as many people visit even to be able to take in the natural beauty of this Norwegian area. Canal Street has been held since 1996. On average some 25000 visitors attend the festival every year. The festival takes place during the last week of July. Next year it is going to be held between the 24th and the 27th of July.


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A festival for all ages

This festival is aimed at people of all ages, from young children to old people who appreciate music. There are different types of music genres in order to appeal to different audiences, from Barnestreet which is specifically for children, a talent show that is mainly intended for the youths, and the Bakgarden which is typically calmer for older people who prefer that kind of music. There are the Bathing Blues and Splash Jazz which are situated in the bay of Merdo, which will surely be huge favorites among jazz fans who want to enjoy a musical evening in a beautiful maritime setting. A very innovative part of the festival is the Jazz in the Dumpster, which will be held at the Heftingsdalen recycling site, thus the origin of the name. For those who would like to experience something quite different and a bit spooky, there are numerous nighttime concerts which will be held at rather creepy and unique locations such as neglected backyards and the Arendal Cemetery too.

Great line ups

Besides the interesting locations that are typical of the Canal Street Festival, one needs to mention the performers themselves, as after all they are the ones who will be making this event a huge success like every year. Each year this festival hosts some 40 to 50 different artists and bands. Jazz is the most popular musical genre at this festival, but there are various others with the intention to make it as diversified and as melodious for different audiences. This festival often serves as an arena for popular Norwegian artists and bands. Over the years there have been well-known artists such as Gary Moore, Melody Gardot, Joss Stone, Bob Geldof, Solomon Burke, Angelique Kidjo and the Waterboys performing at this festival.

The motto of this concert is Music – People – Magic, and it is indeed a magical event for those who truly appreciate music, and for those people who like to attend a one-of-a-kind event that offers unique entertainment options for all the family.

How to get there

We guarantee that if you visit this music festival once you are bound to love it and most likely be looking forward to attending again the following year. Getting to Arendal is quite simple as it is just a one-hour bus drive from the Kristiansand. One may also take a flight to Oslo, and then board either a train or a bus directly to Arendal.




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