I hate to say this but I'm not a big fan of snow. I was born and grew up in Beijing (the capital city in China), where four seasons are clearly distinct and it snows a few times every winter. Even if during the years. Fashion style tal I was in the States for graduate school, I thought I could finally escape from snowing but ironically, my school is in Ohio, where I know Fashion style tal what snow is really about.



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To some extent, snowing is always being equated with those dark swollen outdoor down-jackets. What's more? If you have such long hair like mine, there is nothing more annoying than pulling your hair out of your down-jacket when you put it on. But as fashionistas, “either-stay-chic-or-die” has always been our mottos. Since we can’t do anything about the weather, why don’t we come up with some tips to dress up ourselves in such an incredible dreamy view and to embrace those snowflakes?

Tip 1: Tie your hair up.

Getting tired of your straight or curly long hair hanging down loosely? Let’s tie it up or throw up into a bun! Now, you don’t have to worry about your hair sticking on your face, which makes you look like a crazy lady. Remember Audrey Hepburn’s classic hairstyle in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's? Tying your hair up will make you look classy and neat. Most importantly, say bye to your liberal scatterings of hair! "Fashion style tal

Tip 2: Use scarf for decoration

Not only can a heavy wool or fur scarf keep you warm but also it is “the stand-out piece” for your outfit. It works even better if you plan to wear a pure colored thick sweater or coat. Of course, your scarf should be color contrast with your coat. Same color scarf will make it melt in your coat and becomes harder to pop out from your solid-color coat.


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Tip 3: Choose tight pants

In order to keep warm, you are inevitably wearing thick coats or sweaters in the open air this season, which makes it harder to show your curvy body. Of course, it becomes worse if the down jacket is your only and beloved choice when it snows. If so, please be smart on what to choose for the lower part of your body. A pair of tight pants “balanced” the upper and lower part of your outfit, so that you won’t look like a “snowball.”

Tip 4: Snow boots are on!

Snow boots must have been invented for snowing days (or the days after snowing) – I guess. Anyway, it makes perfect sense to wear a pair of snow boots on a snowing day. However, some girls may have concerns that these flat shoes may fail to visually lengthen the leg line of women. No worries. You can add a pair of “hidden heel shoe pads” to your snow boots. With a slightly raised platform or sole inside, you can invisibly add inches without sacrificing its Fashion style tal. (Shh… That’s a secret between us… cause how do other people know the trick in your shoes unless they read this blog )

Want to stay chic when it is snowing - It can’t be that hard! Hope these tips help.


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