The Dating Coach with a difference, Connell Barrett has brought a new way of dating to the Hollywood crowd. 


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In the post-MeToo era, world leading dating expert Connell Barrett has just completed two free seminars for the men of Los Angeles, giving them insight in to his story, his system and some tips they need to be successful in their LA dating lives. Around forty guests attended the events at the Pikey in Hollywood and private members club The Hills Penthouse in West Hollywood. With the people attending ranging in age from 21 to 65, their ages may have varied but the issues they faced and their goals on dating were very much aligned. From dealing with their approach anxiety to how to be successful with their online dating profiles Connell detailed the strategies for success with the hope that these men, like many before can date they women they want and deserve. As Connell said, “Nice guys do get the girls”.


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In a world full of social media picture perfect models and influencers, window shopping for a man's dream girl is ever present. But how do men even get the confidence to approach, let alone date one of these goddesses? One man’s unparalleled insight can lead them to salvation. Best described as a cross between Hitch and Tony Robbins, dating coach Connell Barrett has helped over 1,000 clients from across the globe achieve their goals with one simple philosophy: with enough dedication and “radical authenticity,” any guy can be attractive. It isn’t about looks, height, money, or pick up lines. At a basic level, it is about being open, honest, and vulnerable. “As people, we crave authenticity. It’s hard-wired into us,” said Connell, “We want to express our authentic selves, and we want to receive authentic energy from others.”

what separates Connell from other experts in his field whose strategies too often include cheesy pickup lines and mental manipulation. “Compare my philosophy to the book the game. Look at some chapter titles: ‘Isolate the Target.’ ‘Extract to a Seduction Location.’ ‘Blast Last-Minute Resistance.’ Guys still teach that toxic, outdated mindset.” These techniques are usually associated with “pick up artistry” with the goal mainly just to sleep with as many women as possible. With Connell's programme the end result is different. The aim is to create a lasting connection with the women you want to date and dream to date, the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s of this world become a reality.

Connell stresses the importance of integrity and respect for women. “Women are not ‘targets.’ They’re people. You don’t blast through ‘resistance.’ You connect in a genuine way. Success with women is about connection, not conquering... Misogynists need not apply.” With a goal to one day transform a million men’s lives, Connell offers a 30-day program with live, in-person training as well as an 8-week online program that works anywhere, anytime. One previous client had this to say: “I went from barely being able to make eye contact to connecting with a cool, cute girl from Texas.”


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