A new decade is here and there have been many artists over the last few years that have done special pieces of art, one of our favorites who has transcended the times is Daniel Mazzone - who many have coined as this generations Andy Warhol... Pretty big shoes to fill, but Daniel has taken it in stride!


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Years ago Daniel was a struggling artist in Toronto, Canada, living on the streets, sheltering on friend’s couches or in public bathroom stalls or $2 movie theaters, while not really following his main passion of the arts. Fast forward a few years later to some collectors noticing his work at a local restaurant that took a chance on hanging up some of his art, and high profile celebrities & athletes commissioning him, Daniel has turned himself into one of the hottest artists heading into 2020.

This past year saw Daniel meet with The Pope in Rome on behalf of Scholas Occurrentes, as well as partnering with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and selling out yet another consecutive gallery show at Art Basel Miami. On top of all this, Daniel opened up his second studio right here in New York City and has been hired by airports around the world to start transforming their interiors with his creations; Starting first with YYZ in his hometown of Toronto.

So, what makes Daniel's art transcend and different? Besides his new YUME sculpture collection that was created to help inspire the youth of the world to follow their dreams and be whomever they want, Daniel's main art pieces that gained global fame uses a collage of books, newspapers and other paper to create mosaics, telling the story of the people depicted in his artwork.

Now living part-time here in New York, we got to speak exclusively with Daniel who told us that, "New York has helped inspire some of my new pieces. Being surrounded by the world's best artists here and the Capital of art is very inspiring for me. Right here in Soho where my studio is, I draw so much inspiration from."

We can't wait to see what 2020 brings forward for Daniel and other artists, but he is one to keep an eye out for. And as he told us, the goal for everyone following their passions heading into the new year should be, "Don't listen to anyone. Follow your dreams no matter what stands in front of you!"


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