The Growth of Canada’s Wine Industry


The Canadian wine industry, once in its infancy, and still in its early days, has come a long way since the start. With newfound international recognition, the Canadian wine industry is growing at a rapid pace and taking both the world and the palettes of connaisseurs for an experience altogether.

Danielle Golez is one individual leading Canada’s wine industry into uncharted waters, and she knows a thing or two about the trajectory of the industry.


Economic Impact of Canadian Wine

The most recent report, Canada's Wine Economy – Growth and Innovation Through Global Challenges, highlights a prosperous and expanding $11.6 billion Canadian wine industry, with double digit percentage growth since 2011. In addition, wine tourism in Canada is also on the rise.  

The total impact of Canada’s wine tourism stands at $1,959,256,400 with 4.16 million tourists and counting.


Developing a Passion for Wine in Okanagan Valley


Golez’s passion for wine was born on a ski trip in the Okanagan Valley, just outside of Kelowna, British Columbia.

“It was called Big White,” recalls Golez fondly, who met a woman who was a certified Sommelier. Sommelier is a term many may not be familiar with, but in short, a sommelier, or a wine steward, is a trained  wine professional.

While Sommeliers normally work in fine restaurants, they specialize in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing, something Danielle Golez hereself is quite passionate about. The role of the sommelier in fine dining today is much more specialized and informed than that of a wine waiter.

“Since then, I’ve grown an astronomical appreciation for wine itself, falling in love with the world of wine, the industry and the people it came with.”



Danielle’s Vision for Canadian Wine

Canadian wine is a prominent centerpiece in Danielle Golez’s digital content and on her official wine website, showcasing the best Canadian wines as well as new contenders entering the market. Loaded with the latest information and detailed reviews of the Canadian wine landscape, Danielle Golez is on a mission to celebrate Canadian wine and the country as a whole.


“I wanted to find a way to celebrate Canadian heritage and the land where I was born and raised,” says Danielle Golez.


More on Canadian wine: Of Canada’s 10 provinces, four have winegrowing regions that are home to roughly 30,000 acres of planted vines. In comparison, Sonoma alone has 60,000 acres of planted vines, and the main reason for such disparity lies in latitude with much of the U.S.-Canada border running along the 49th parallel.

It’s important to note that vine growth is usually only possible in high-temperature climates between the 30th and 50th parallels. Canada, for example, is as tall as it is wide, which means that all of the country’s grapes grow within approximately 125 miles of the shared border.

While Canada’s land is vast, it’s particular regions where winemaking is truly cultivated, celebrated and mastered, and it’s here that Danielle Golez plans to spend some of her future time, honing her skills as a wine expert and sharing thoughtful stories on Canadian wine with the world.



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