CBD has been on the market for years now, but there are a lot of myths and stereotypes behind the natural product. But what is true is that CBD can naturally help you relieve stress, relax and even give your body a energy boost without any side effects... which is perfect for models here in New York. 

To find out more about CBD and how it can relate us in the fashion and modeling industries, we turned to David Jiang, a former New York resident who now lives in Los Angeles, who is the mastermind behind SMILE and their incredible products.

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1. Tell us about Smile's mission and products for those who may not know.

Smile is a CBD brand that brings the best tasting, highest quality ingredients to help keep you centered, at peace and happy! Smile’s goal is to boost your health, your mood and to bring a smile to your face! According to research, CBD and the physical act of smiling have the same powerful positive effects on your mental health – to learn more check out at www.reasontosmile.com.

What makes our products unique is that our gummies are vegan friendly and double as a multivitamin. They include 9 of the most commonly lacked vitamins and minerals in the average American diet. I can confidently say that these are the best CBD gummies you will have ever tried. They’re so good that every person that tries them, doesn't even believe they have CBD.

Our other products are available as tinctures in 4 delicious flavors: Mighty Mango and Zesty Lemon in our energize formulation, and French Vanilla and Mint Bliss in our unwind formulation. Soon we will be releasing a line of soothing topicals that we’re really excited for.

In the CBD industry there isn’t a singular brand today that stands out as one that people both love to take and that they can also trust. I want people to think of Smile as the household name for CBD.


2. You are originally from here in New York. How has New York as a city inspired you to be the business owner you are today?

NYC definitely had a major influence on me. It’s an environment that’s extremely competitive and requires you to be at the top of your game.

Back in New York I ran a digital marketing agency called Waverly.co. We represented celebrities, influencers, recording artists and some of the world’s leading direct to consumer companies. It was my experience helping countless brands find success that inspired me to eventually start my own.

I’ve always had a competitive drive though. In college, I was on the Division 1 swim team at Northwestern University.

3. Why would you recommend your CBD products for models here in New York (and everywhere) to use?

Models have stressful careers and constantly have to be “on”. CBD is a natural stress reliever without side effects so it’s perfect for models that are looking for a boost to their system.

In my opinion, Smile products are by far the best tasting and we also guarantee that every one of our products has the amount of CBD that we say are in them. I personally tested dozens of products on the market and many of them had less than half of the CBD that they claimed were in them. I literally created a product that I wanted to take for myself.

4. Any famous faces, influencers or models that have used your products?

We’ve had quite a few including: @sofiajamora, @imkarlamarie, @emmakenney, @daisymarquez, @alexbluedavis, @edwinhonoret, @beccatilley and @jason.genao


5. CBD has been very trendy these days. Why do you think this industry and products have been a hit?

To begin with CBD is natural so it doesn’t have side effects associated with medication. A lot of famous people made CBD very visible as it’s helped them cope with stress in their high-pressure careers. There have been many actors, musicians, and other entertainers who have come out and said CBD has been helpful for them which has gotten the word out.Anxiety and stress and lack of sleep are real issues that affect everyone and CBD helps people minimize these issues without the side effects.

6. You also have Vegan items. Tell us about them…

All our items are actually vegan! In fact all our products are naturally flavored, gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher, cruelty free, and made from 100% organic hemp grown in the USA. We wanted to make them as natural and accessible as possible.

7. What is a stereotype / statement about CBD that you want people to know isn't true?

That it works overnight. This is why we offer a subscription service so that our clients don’t have to worry about restocking.

It’s important for people to understand that CBD works most effectively when it is taken consistently. One of our customers wrote a review that they are finally waking up without feeling groggy after switching from a prescription sleep aid. Another customer wrote in recently that they used to feel extremely nervous before having to make a presentation to their boss at work and our gummies have significantly calmed them down.

8. Where in New York can people buy your products?

People can shop for our products on our website: www.reasontosmile.com



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