Beautiful Lashes without the mess

I'll be honest, I've never taken to fake lashes that need glue. Many of my fashionista friends may gasp at the statement, but hear me out. I have very shaky fingers and very little patience, so I truly cannot be bothered to create a full eye look only for it to get messed up by glue and crooked false lashes. But that doesn’t mean that I've avoided false lashes entirely — I've just opted for magnetic eyelashes, which create the same beautiful look - without the mess.

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

They're exactly what they sound like. While regular false lashes require precision, patience, and messy lash glue, magnetic eyelashes have a magnetic strip at their base. After applying a special magnetic eyeliner, the magnets on the lash secure onto the liner, holding them in place for hours on end. While false eyelashes are notoriously tricky to apply (and even harder to remove), magnetic lashes pop on with ease. Just line your natural lashes, wait 60 seconds, and voila! Beautiful lashes without the frustration.

My Experience

I decided to try LuxiLash’s magnetic lashes just before a big date this past weekend. The lashes came in a beautiful 6 pair set, allowing me to choose the perfect style for that particular night. After selecting a more natural-looking style, I applied the magnetic liner and popped on the lashes a minute later. I was surprised how easy they snapped on. No effort, no mess! What is this magic? 😍

Bottom Line

I was extremely impressed with the lashes and how they stayed on all night, and I think my date got a kick out of them too. 😉 Not being a fake lash fan, I can honestly say my LuxiLash purchase has me ditching the eyelash glue for good in favor for these amazing magnetic lashes.

Below, check out the magnetic eyelashes I used that will have you hooked on these new styles of lashes.


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- Written by beauty blogger Alexandria Mendes 

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