Aisha Black, a Pharmacist , Entrepreneur and Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist has been in the business of creating innovative outfits that beat the status quo of the fashion world, setting trends behind the scenes that attract the public eye on a global scale. Her passion for weaving original fabric is underlined by her ability to make custom designs that match the personas of the wearer.


Aisha Black story and growth as a trendsetter is an inspiring one. Aisha is a Certified Pharmacist, earning honours from University of Southern California (USC). Having contributed significantly to the health and welfare of underprivileged persons and communities, Aisha is in the process of launching her own Pharmacy this winter. As she strives to make a difference in the healthcare sector, Aisha’s drive to succeed as an avant-garde stylist has not gone unnoticed in the fashion world.

Well known for her crisp and elegant custom designs, Aisha has worked with numerous celebrities; making custom designed shoes for Lil Wayne as well as custom team hats and outfits for Lil Jeezy and Rihanna respectively. She continues to push her brand, promoting her online boutique @goonzwitdiamondz, and Styled by Asia B, where she showcases her best designs along with many notable designer pieces.

Aisha’s meteoric rise to the top of the fashion chain is the perfect Successful Black Woman Story. Not many boast such an impressive repertoire which includes pharmaceutical change agent; philanthropist; wardrobe stylist for music videos, television shows; and short films. Not to mention her PR let us in on a little secret that she’s been working with her master talent coach JB Brown preparing her for a lead role for an upcoming movie. She is truly a phenomenal inspiration—and mentor—to many kids and women, out there, working towards a brighter future. 


There’s more; on days when she isn’t fixing healthcare or designing outfits, Aisha spends her time volunteering for charity. Currently, she is an avid volunteer with the organisation ‘We feed the hungry’, whose main initiative is to feed less fortunate people in underserved communities far and near. With a growing Instagram account of 100k+ fans, Aisha has the platform to successfully manage and grow all her unique brands.

In her free time, Aisha Black spends time with her kids—her nieces and nephews really—ensuring that they live their best life. She is also a really dedicated fitness enthusiast; as evident by her exquisitely luscious figure.

To support Aisha, you can give her a follow on Instagram; as well as shop through her latest outfit collections.




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