It was a joy to see Fadi Awad's release and its versions getting charted in the digital stores, DJ Pools, Music Worx, and getting supported by many top worldwide DJs, radio stations, and nightclubs. The release quickly escalated to the next level and entered The Breakouts of The Dance Club Songs Chart on Billboard, and the Top 200 European Indie Chart this week!


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The big thing was the release entered the Billboard breakouts only 1 week after the beginning of its Billboard promotion campaign, which rarely happens with an Independent release, and which shows how powerful it is!!!... “We couldn’t dream of a more powerful beginning,” said Awad in his latest press interview with us and continued: “All the versions were supported perfectly, and we thank all who supported and still supporting our release in every way, including Billboard Reporters!... We are very grateful, and we will reciprocate!"

"What happened this week is awesome and I consider it a Christmas Gift! So Merry Christmas Everyone… Peace and Love To All!” says Awad.

“Reach The Sky” is one of Fadi Awad’s most powerful releases so far, especially that it includes many different mixes done by many top music artists such as StoneBridge, Damien Hall, Dan De Leon, Anthony Griego, Drew G, Dr. Rodge, Teknoize, Felo Rueda, DJ Alan Bd, and DJ Umbrozza, in addition to top original and Chillout mixes done by Fadi Awad, without forgetting the super vocals of the singer Addie Nicole who is appreciated by Everyone!

The wonderful teamwork led to these well-deserved results and they are asking everyone to keep supporting. We wish them much more advancement and success in the near future! 


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