On the 2nd of February 2022, the results of “THE AMERICAN FILMATIC ARTS AWARDS”, which is one of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals in the World, were announced from New York - USA. And between the winners’ there, it was good to see The Multi-Awards Winner and The Multi-Charted Artist Fadi Awad winning the BEST SOUNDTRACK SHORT AWARD with his Masterpiece “To Glory Land”! 



Out of 59 Winning Awards for Fadi Awad so far, this is the Award Number 22 for his track “To Glory Land” after winning previously in: “The 5 Continents International Film Festival”, “Eurovision Film Festival”, “American Golden Picture International Film Festival”, “Kyiv Film Festival”, “One-Reeler” Short Film Competition, “Austria International Film Festival”, “The Intercontinental Music Awards”, “The Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival”, “The Cinema Worldfest Awards”, The “Latitude Film Awards”, The “Premiere Film Awards”, “Barcelona International Film Festival”, The “Golden Nugget International Film Festival” (London), “San Diego Movie Awards”, “The Most Important Films” Impact Awards Festival in Las Vegas, Brazil International Film Festival, “France International Film Festival”, “Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival”, “Switzerland International Film Festival”, “Canada Shorts” and “Amsterdam International Film Festival”… 

In a related press interview on “Capital 87.7 FM”, Fadi thanked the Organizers and Judges of that main event for the appreciation, as well as Everyone for their valuable continuous support, and added: “Everyone knows that New York is one of the cities that I love the most in the World! I consider it the Capital of the World and I have beautiful memories and wonderful friends there, and love to visit often… It’s such a big Honor to win there, hoping that the global situation gets better as soon as possible from every side!”  

Congratulations to another well-deserved winning result for Fadi Awad, and this time with his Masterpiece “To Glory Land” that is truly epic and rich from every side!  


Follow Fadi Awad’s News and Updates: http://www.fadiawad.coolpage.biz/ 

Winning Link: https://www.afawards.org/winners-2021  

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