Farhsa is a homegrown fashion house located in Bangladesh. Farhsa was founded in the year 2020. Initially, they only designed outfits for high-end private clientele, but in January 2022, they debuted their first F/W-2022 collection.

Farhsa is a name that connotes greatness and accomplishment at its pinnacle. The name is derived from a family heirloom.


At Farsha, they break through the realms of fast fashion and give you the attention you deserve to feel like royalty in every attire. They focus on all the little details, from each stitch of their cloth to the fit of their dress, they ensure quality in all of their endeavors.

The fabrics used at farhsa are sourced locally also imported from abroad. Only the finest fabrics are selected from their.


Farhsa was established to make people’s desire come true. The founder of Farhsa MAT stated that it was opened to change the hackneyed clothing habit. He thinks wearing clothes is just not a need anymore it’s a statement that shows who we are without having to speak. He believes it is an important element of our lives and that it symbolizes us.



Despite the fact that Farhsa began in Bangladesh, they now supply to eight nations, including the United States, Dubai & Paris. They have more with their vast selection of collections, which include the winter collection, eid collection, groom & bride collection, suiting line, & lineage collection. They are already serving clients from all around the world with these collections.



Within a few years, Farhsa intends to make it available worldwide. People are already donning farhsa on the streets of Paris. Given Farhsa's expansion plans, it won't be long until the homegrown Bangladeshi fashion house can be seen in New York Times Square. The new F/W-2022 collection of farhsa is mind blowing. This signature collection is made with a token of history patched onto each piece. Rediscover history with Farsha F/W collection & be a part of the legendary story. Visit: https://www.farhsa.com to join the club now.


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