The pandemic has been difficult, but this newfound free time was beneficial to many. People are creating more than ever, including social media content, consuming more content than ever, painting, and creating music. FLOJOBENZ is an up-and-coming artist who has used the global negativity and positively focused on his craft. Easing the tension of 2020 by writing music, FLOJOBENZ has started making waves in the industry.


The Gen-z musician from Chicago has released some singles on streaming platforms, but none as big as his latest single “THEDANCESONG!” The song encompasses all of the traits to be an overnight success, similar to other “TikTok” hits. The upbeat track contains  piano notes mixed with exciting vocals brings listeners back to a time where a song like this would be entrancing at a club or party. The video to go along with the hit is equally as enticing and is dedicated to his friend Matthew Sasak, someone who wanted to see his work released more than anyone.

The theme of fun times during normal life stays within the music video and shows FLOJOBENZ’s energy and attitude in a more personal way, so fans can connect on a more personal level. The scenes in the video reflect “normal” times and allow viewers to get excited for a post-pandemic world where they can dance freely with friends to “THEDANCESONG!” His signature sound comes from his days at the University of Illinois where he began his music journey. Not even breaking onto the scene until 2018, it took some time for him to find his signature R&B sound that immediately grabs attention.



Since the inception of his music, FLOJOBENZ has never stopped creating and evolving as an artist. He likens himself to a butterfly going through metamorphosis, like many other incredible artists before him. He plans on releasing an EP called “METAMORPHOSIS,”  and it is sure to shake up 2021. Signifying his growth as a person and artist, the EP is sure to show his Chicago roots and various musical influences.This underground artist is sure to be an instant hit, fans can even get a sneak peak of the project on his Instagram!

Fans can expect this EP to be meaningful and creative, as he described his relationship with music and healing, “Life is hard. Still, the birds sing. Your everyday person probably sings and listens to music on their way to work. Some people turn music on when they’re sad, or when they’re happy. It can heal any rifts you may have within and rejuvenate even the oldest souls.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for new music and hopefully live shows and a new album as the pandemic begins to end. This underground artist is one to watch in 2021.




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