Gangsta Mack


We sat down with Big Homie Fresh to discuss his timeless classic “Gangsta Mack”. The song was smash hit debuted at number one on the Indie Billboard Hot 100 & Rap charts respectively. “Gangsta Mack” outlines a pretty good day for Big Homie Fresh headed to a local BBQ to meet up with some friends. While on his way to the party he runs into a nice young lady at a Texaco gas station. They lock eyes, exchange numbers & meet up at her house only to be interrupted by her boyfriend. The lyrics are comical, gritty, smooth & a bit R-Rated for a family-friendly event. The song was the lead single off his high anticipated & critically acclaimed album “Tha Product”, which many rap fans called “The Chronic of The South”.

Big Homie said the inspiration behind the song was a series of events that took place on a Saturday back in Hattiesburg, Mississippi summer 2012. He told all his homies about what happened & they told me he should make a song about it cause it was so “true to life”. Initially Big Homie went into the studio with the Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy” Sample provided by west coast producer Fly Guy Veezy & Big Homie laid down his vocals over the production. The song was released Summer 2018 & it was well received by rap fans on the both the East & West Coasts respectively, reaching over 2 Million Streams Worldwide & being the most streamed song of Big Homie’s career.

The song is available on all streaming platforms.


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