The skincare industry flourished in recent years, thanks to the increased demand. In addition, social media trends and a shift from makeup to skincare propelled the growth of this industry. Although the number of skincare brands is high, there is always room for innovative brands focusing on neglected groups, which is where the founder of IKnow Skincare comes in. 

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge has vast knowledge of the beauty industry. After decades of experience in sales and marketing, Germaine decided to use her experience in the field to create her own brand. Germaine noticed that women, especially women of color, over the age of fifty often go unnoticed in society. So she was on a mission to create a brand that would help women from the "Platinum group" celebrate the process of their aging instead of aiming to hide it. Here is what she has to say about these women: 



"We call our audience the "Platinum Group" because to be a Platinum Woman is a distinct honor. She is confident, beautiful, and wise; she is comfortable with who she is and who she is not. The Platinum Woman embraces the wisdom that experience has brought her. She knows the joys of longevity, and she knows that longevity has its joys. She embraces all her seasons. She knows that the win takes place in the fourth quarter, and her goal is to win…on her own terms.

Therefore, I KNOW Skin Care was born as a result of her personal experiences, passion, and will to empower women. Germaine is positive about the future of the brand: "The expectation is for us to be received for who we are: the authority on maturing Black skin. We represent the culture, the community, and the very demographic of our consumers. The I KNOW Skincare Treatment Solutions has been formulated with love and intention with this distinct consumer in mind…Black women.

There aren't many brands catering to this age group in the skincare industry. Therefore, Germaine has opened a door for a new age of skincare products. She understands the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful brand. However, her passion and experience will help her through it without a doubt. Besides being a business owner, Germaine also loves enjoying daily skincare rituals. Here is what she had to say about her personal tips: "I cleanse, tone, and moisturize EVERY DAY & NIGHT. During the day, I wear a broad-spectrum 40 SPF sun protector and pulse my beauty regimen with targeted serums for enhanced treatments.


Additionally, I try to keep my body aging gracefully by stretching, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, and meditating. But having the right mindset helps me to embrace aging from a very positive perspective. I understand that we are not meant to be here forever, so I am going to make my mark so that my family and the community at large will remember me. I remain curious and engaged with the world and know that my best days are yet to come. I lean in on God's promise that my latter days will be my greater days. And so far… His words are being manifested in my life."


Carefully selected ingredients make the skincare products extremely effective. That is why Germaine prides herself on the amazing ingredients in the I KNOW Skin Care line: 


"All of our ingredients have been synergically combined to address the profile of mature and melanated skin. For example, sunken skin due to a loss of elasticity, dry and lacks moisture, needs radiance and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, our ingredients offer skincare solution treatments that go beyond typical cleansing, toning & moisturizing benefits.”




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