Since we spend a large portion of our life sleeping, it is crucial we sleep on a quality mattress.   Our editors have recently learned about HONGi, the first truly personalized and modular smart mattress that can interchange through time. Their exciting Indiegogo campaign is launching on May 15, 2017



HONGi is made in the USA, and aims to take customization, convenience, and affordability to a new level. Through their online configurator, HONGi is able to work with their customers to compile and present the perfect mattress at an unbeatable price, in only a few minutes. HONGi’s flexible multi-layer premium mattress design allows customers to create up to 27 different combinations, and most important, couples can even design two separate halves of the bed based on their needs.

In addition, you will have the ability to add smart features into their design. HONGi’s “Smart Dreamer” is the world’s first heart rate variability enabled contactless sleep tracker. The HONGi Smart Dreamer records heart and respiration rates, and maps the user’s activity in bed. It is completely automatic, autonomous and is installed under the mattress.

 Every morning after leaving your bed, your night’s sleep data will be available for deep insight on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Once the design process is complete, HONGi will send everything in a box right to your doorstep from the collapsible bed frame and smart features, to the personalized HONGi mattress.

HONGi truly cares about their customers and believes everyone should wake up re-energized. But as changes in life happen, HONGi is aware that their customer’s needs in a mattress may change as well.

Because a HONGi mattress is modular, it consists partly of non-bonded layers, which are non-slippery and can be adjusted long after the purchase by replacing individual layers. If the customer has any problems at all, HONGi will help interchange the layers to their optimal needs.

Each mattress is supplied with a 10-year warranty and is free to test for the first 100 days with free shipping.  HONGi is the mattress brand you will have for life!


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