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Pursuing the unimaginable  

Childhood is a time to indulge in fantasies, which may define a person's destiny. As a child, they are born with a special gift or the power to make a difference in the world. These experiences are critical to a person's pursuit of greatness during their formative years - they are the pillars of a successful future. 

Throughout the urban jungle of New York City, young people's mental and physical fortitude and strength is put to the test. The city of New York and its culture are unique to no other city in the world and are totally incomparable to anything else. 

Success in New York is a combination of emotional intelligence, patience, street smarts, and discipline on the part of an individual. Real New Yorkers know what they'll need to survive the next 24 hours when the sun rises in New York. 

The New York-based sensation whose music is rising rapidly 

As a musician, IAMQUEENBROOKLYN's musical genius is universally recognized inside the music industry. As an R&B recording artist, IAMQUEENBROOKLYN is redefining the R&B sound.  

Listening to her voice, you feel IAMQUEENBROOKLYN's unrivaled passion, expansive vocal range, and undeniable dynamic vibration. IAMQUEENBROOKLYN's larger-than-life voice reflects her generational talent.   

In fact, her ability to turn even the most common lessons of life into captivating songs of desire is what distinguishes her from others. 

For a 15-year-old, she is blessed with an incredible voice, which is truly astonishing given her age. IAMQUEENBROOKLYN stands out from the crowd due to her boundless capabilities and her entirely unique on-stage personality. 

Her new track, 'MOONLIGHT,' has been well praised by music industry insiders and power players. 'MOONLIGHT' continues to attract social media fans worldwide. Her single has received high consumption from the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States. In 2022, her focus is music, family, education, and living her best life.  ‘MOONLIGHT’ is one of the most requested songs on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami on iHeartRadio.  DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is a multi-interactive division of RADIOPUSHERS. 


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