Isabell Tinred, Swedish Model, a Scandinavian icon of what a modern woman tries her best to fulfill her role as both a mother and a fashion model. Her strong charateristics also redefined what the true beauty is all about. Just like the Scandinavian Sun, it is never too Dazzling but still warm!


Let's take a look at the moments of her fashion career in her own words.
My heart is racing, my blood pressure is rising, I feel adrenaline flooding my body. I’m not sure of what the outcome will be. Will I trip and fall, make a fool of myself? I try to calm myself ... I’m prepared, I’m in control, I got this.

Stage lights and music on, “1, 2, 3, go.” I’m the only one at the runway, and I feel euphoric, powerful, graceful, strong and confident. I love this.

When I get off stage, I jump for joy. How is it even possible to jump this high in these 13 cm heels? I run to the backstage assistant to get my clothes changed—I just want to do it again. Now.

This was four years ago when I first opened a fashion show for a Swedish designer in Portugal. Since then I’ve been walking in several countries like Spain, France and Sweden.

While growing up I did a lot of acting and singing. I’ve always been interested in fashion and modelling, but I didn’t think that I had what it takes to become one.

Two years after my son was born, his father got a brain injury, which made me, more or less a single mother. I had to focus on supporting my son and myself, so I put my dreams on hold. I worked at Starbucks as a store manager until, I realized that I had stopped doing everything that made me happy

I started thinking about what I would do—if I could do anything. Modelling, acting and singing were the three things that came to my mind. You only have one life, and not taking a chance for something I love will be biggest regret in my life.

I started modelling for a Swedish brand who focuses on organic clothing. This was a perfect opportunity for me—not only for my career but also giving support for the environment. I also joined an actress, drama and performance school while modelling and now I work part-time at a hospital during the Corvid-19 pandemic.

I think that you are the master of your mind, and if you fill your mind with positive thoughts, you can do anything. I do not think of setbacks as something bad, but as opportunities to become a better and stronger person.

I want to become a role model for my son. I got this.


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