New Yorkers are all about convenience, the good life and looking good. Cue in a new local premium canned cocktail beverage company VIDE that is blending feeling good with convenience and fashion! Yes, fashion and cocktails go hand-in-hand, and we'll explain that more!


From New York Fashion Week, to movie premieres, to just hanging out at your local watering hole, the scene and bars around New York have been inundated with fashionistas imbibing as if tomorrow will never come. It's not only what you are wearing these days that sets you apart, but what you are holding in your hand and drinking while interacting with others. It is with this idea in mind that we had to sit down with VIDE's two New York-based co-founders, Ryan Laverty and Sal Campisi, to learn more about how they came up with their beverage that has gone viral in the NY scene, and how the idea of trends and fashion played a role in the birth of their product.



1. What was the idea behind creating VIDE?

We made a product for people like us. We always longed for a beverage in the alcohol space that boasted transparency, convenience and quality. Something we could carry around, took the mess out of mixing cocktails and had real, high quality, natural ingredients in it. The alcohol space is a bit grey, in the sense that often times, you don’t know exactly what you are drinking (limited ingredients and caloric information). We pursued VIDE to fix that. We knew there was a market for people who wanted transparent and simple ingredient sets, used high quality ingredients and was marketed to the ever-growing, functional, health-aware consumer.

2. How much influence did being New Yorkers play in what VIDE is all about?

Our brand was founded on the spirit of being a New Yorker. A brand with products that cater to your typical on-the-go, in a rush New York consumer. New Yorkers have high standards, as do we- that’s why we’ve created Vide in the way we have. Real ingredients, great products and a relatable brand for people like us.



3. How does VIDE and fashion go together?

Fashion has always been something we are both interested in, which is why we love partnering with fashion brands for events. Not only has this expanded our consumer base, but we have such a great time working with different brands to help create impeccable events. It gives us an opportunity to reach another market we care about, with like minded consumers who appreciate high quality, trendy and relatable products.

4. Why a white can? What was your mindset in creating and designing the packaging for VIDE?

We strived to create a sleek, simple, yet premium packaging system that relates to our consumers. White colors tend to pop on a shelf quite well, and that’s how we’ve separated ourselves from the competition, especially in New York liquor stores. We knew we needed something that was unisex and our current design hits that mark quite well. This simple, eye-catching and premium approach to designing our products has done wonders for us in terms of people seeing it for the first time. Consumers are naturally curious to learn more about that new ‘white product on the shelf’.



5. What is the ultimate goal for VIDE?

To create a functional and relatable lifestyle brand. We’re making products for people who appreciate good products with high standards. Eventually, we’d love to become a nationally recognized brand. We’re working on some really innovative products right now, but that will all take time. Ultimately, we’re building a brand and products fit for people like us- those who never settle for anything but the best.

6. Where in New York can people go buy your product?

We’re in liquor stores across the city. At least one in each major neighborhood. We’re in a handful of bars and clubs as well. Check out our website ( to see all of our available locations.


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