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You began making music when you were only 16 years old. Looking back at it now to when you very first started, what has this journey been like for you?

Wow, that is honestly such a great question to ask. I still remember the day I did my very first assembly at my high school. I was asked to perform a custom rap song for this girl I knew at my high school who was running SBO (student body officer) for the following year. We were both juniors at the time, and I remember I wore this all pink shirt and being completely nervous about having the opportunity to be in front of a crowd, let alone perform. I’ll still never forget the day it actually happened and how everyone at my own high school was so proud of me. The students were proud of me, the teachers were shocked, and even I was very anxious afterwards knowing that I finally performed for my very first time. Fast forward from then to right now, I can look back and say that I have traveled the country, seen so many different venues, and have met the most amazing people that I am blessed to know now.


We watched a YouTube video you uploaded a long while back about your experience meeting Diddy at an event in Los Angeles. Can you tell our readers who haven’t seen your video, what this was like for you? 

Yes of course. Meeting Diddy was something that I never imagined happening, especially being in the same room as him. He really is such a humble and caregiving human being, and he gave me advice that I think everyone should live by through out their life time. He told me to never compare my journey to anyone else’s, because everyone makes it on there own in their own unique way. That really stuck with me since, and it is something I will truly never forget. As far as the vlog I made for it goes, I detailed the entire opportunity and explained how hard it was to  show any of it because they made me sign some kind of waiver before I got to go inside. The vlog has way more details about all of it, and I recommend everyone to go watch it.


You are currently going to school again to become a future registered nurse. What made you decide to go into nursing, and has it conflicted anything about your music career?

Going to nursing school has been a whole entire new chapter for me. All I have ever wanted to do with my life was to give back and also change lives for the better, and so this profession just felt right for me. It has its own challenges in general because it is nursing school and nursing school isn’t easy, but there is also so much information to know regarding the human body, more than I could’ve ever imagined. It takes a lot time and dedication and I am so excited to become a registered nurse next summer once I complete all the schooling that is required for it. To answer your part about my music career being involved with it, yes, it was very challenging doing both shows and school at the same time. The last few shows I ended up doing were in February of this year with Afroman, and around that time is when I unfortunately canceled all my upcoming gigs because of nursing school. With three to four exams occurring every single week, I really did what was best for myself and I really hope people understood my decision. It was a very hard choice to make, but it was for the best. I will be doing select shows coming up in the future that I cannot announce quite yet but as far as a full long tour goes where I am in a new place/new venue every day, that won’t be happening until I have completed nursing school.


Do you have any upcoming releases that anyone should be aware of? Any upcoming projects?

Yes, sorta like that. I have decided to start dropping new monthly music videos with my brother Tyler from EOY Media, due to me having to cancel shows that were supposed to happen this year. We have already released two new music videos the past two months, the Knock Me Down Freestyle, and now just recently the My Name Is music video. Please go watch those when you have the chance, because Tyler is a very talented director and filmmaker and I cannot thank him enough. Other than the music videos, my brother Gregory Goose have some songs in the work that will be released soon too. One of them is one of our most hardest working songs we have ever created together and I am super excited for everyone to hear it.


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