Paris Fashion Week 2019:

Looking at Jamile's amazing cross-over into the fashion world, it seems like a sort of fairy-tale come true. But the Alpha Project fitness goddess didn't get her success by having anything handed to her. She credits her achievements to having a super-strong work ethic and the most supportive "Instafriends". It's no wonder that with her humble attitude and killer body, she has managed to overcome a heart-breaking Instagram hacking scandal and land some major attention from Paris fashion houses just one year later. During the Fashion Week madness, the lovely Jamile Desouza Davies took some time out of her busy schedule to sit down & chat with us.

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Paris Fashion Week 2019 Influencer Jamile by Michealla Meek.

Q) Hey Jamile, so you're well known for being an online Brazilian fitness expert living in Wales so I have to ask how did your Paris Fashion Week invite happen?
A) I was kindly invited to join ‘A. Trends’ influencers during the most waited week of the fashion calendar after the company noted that one of my passions is fashion. I feel incredibly honored to have had the experience and opportunity to meet amazing people and brands.

Q) I don't have to scroll far down your insta to see how gorgeous you look in everything from your yoga pants and no make-up to red carpet glam with that fab DIOR clutch, I have to know what outfits did you pack for Paris Fashion week?
A) Thank you! That’s lovely to hear. I was trying to achieve the effortless style of Paris’ ladies by using key pieces (sometimes a statement bag, bespoke heels or vintage high waisted trousers) as to me, being comfortable is the most important thing when it comes to fashion. 

Q) While partying during London Fashion week you met Top model Natalia Paris, who have you been rubbing shoulders with this time?
A) So many lovely people! From high profile influencers to amazing photographers, I would be unkind to only name few. All the pictures will soon be available so let’s wait and see what you think. 

Q) Just to ease my fashion week envy, have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? 
A) Oh yes! I once was doing a catwalk show when the straps of my sandals ripped halfway through the catwalk! Not ideal but removing them completely & walking barefoot was the only way to keep the show going. 

Q) What's been your style highlight of the week?
A) I have to say the return of bold colors! What a delight to the eyes to see them being worn in a casual & elegant way.


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