We’ve all seen it all over Instagram… an influencer, model or celebrity is putting one of those bright mouth guard-looking things into their mouth and showing off their bright white smile afterwards. Well, the product they are promoting is Snow, and the founder of the company is 27-year-old Josh Elizetxe, who also goes by Josh Snow.


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While his age may surprise you, Josh’s company’s success is nothing but surprising. Being referred to as the “Apple” of oral care, Josh has rounded up countless famous faces as fans including Demi-Leigh Nel-Peter, Joanna Krupa, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rob Gronkowski, Floyd Mayweather and others. And beyond the celebrity market, his product has turned into a best-seller here in New York at Neiman Marcus.

We spoke to Josh about his company, his own “CEO Style”, how New York has inspired him, and how models and others can benefit from using Snow!




1. How did you come up with the idea behind Snow?

 It was after I sold my marketing agency in 2015. I wanted to build a brand that would be around fifty years from now. When I envisioned Snow, I saw a company that would rival industry giants like Crest & Colgate. When my team and I started Snow, we began with our wired system. However, I wanted Snow to be more than just a teeth whitening company. I wanted to build an oral care platform that would have an expansive line of beauty and cosmetic products. When people talk about Snow, I want people to think about Snow as a complete beauty & oral cosmetic brand.


2. What is your relationship with New York?

I have always loved New York. I have always seen New York as a place to make it in. As a kid, I remember listening to Frank Sinatra's song, "New York, New York." Even though I didn't want to move to New York, I knew if I was traveling to New York for work, I was on the path to success. Now, as an adult, I go to New York all the time, and business is great.


3. Has NYC inspired you at all?

Like I wrote in the previous question, New York has always been a tough city to make it in. Only the best make it to the top, and that is what inspires me about New York.


4. You are a stylish CEO. Steve Jobs had the turtle neck. What is your go-to outfit and brands?

I like to keep it simple during my workdays. I always feel most comfortable when I'm wearing a regular t-shirt and a hat. I'm not big on wearing one brand, I like to wear what I want, and it varies brand to brand.


5. Your products are in Neiman Marcus New York. Any other expansion plans in the city?

Yes, we plan on continuing to expand our brand into more Neiman Marcus stores across the city! Plenty of Dental offices and boutique shops in New York are interested in working with Snow.


6. Our magazine highlights a lot of fashion and models. How can models and people in the fashion industry benefit from Snow?

After having thousands of dollars of dental work done on me, I feel that Snow is more economical than going into a dentist for a teeth whitening session. If you're on the go and don't want to go into the dentist's office and spend $600 for a one-time treatment, use Snow. Each kit comes with six months worth of whitening serum, and you can use it on the go, or while you are doing your makeup.


7. Any famous models who use your products?

We've had two models that have used our brand in the past. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peter, who was Miss Universe 2017 and Joanna Krupa. They both loved our "All-in-one" teeth whitening kit! They're always in the public eye, so they like keeping their teeth as white as possible. Of course, we’ve also been featured on the Instagram Stories of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner.


8. Anything else NYC related you'd want to discuss or say?

New York City is where dreamers go to build something incredible. It’s where race, color, age, nor size hold back a person from reaching the moon in a city like that.


9. What's next for you and Snow?

We have new products coming at the end of this year, and we also have some exciting retail rollouts this upcoming fall. We are looking to come out with some exclusive lines with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. It's going to be an exciting year for us at Snow!


Find out more about Snow and what’s to come here: https://www.trysnow.com


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