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Seeing the real you in the mirror is a surreal moment in life.  

Staring into the mirror of failure and redemption is indescribable in life. Realizing ugly truths, hidden truths, and undeniable deficiencies enables a person to evolve or die.  

Changing from the old version of oneself into the highest potential defines the essence of a supreme being. Navigating through life’s never-ending maze requires marathon endurance, Championship DNA, and unshakeable vision.  

The most crucial key to survival is ‘adaptability.’ People’s dreams become outdated and extinct because they refuse to elevate their mentality, circle of supporters, and overall opinion of themselves.   

K Slug prepares himself for a marathon and not a sprint. 


They fall to the back of the marathon and never finish. Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur K Slugg was born with two strikes in life: Black and male. Surviving in America as a Black male requires tactical training and calculated moves. 

Rap music and sports are the two most prominent pillars of the Black Community. K Slug’s music speaks a secret language, which can only be decoded by authentic dream chasers. K Slug’s music and the brand gained significant popularity and momentum in 2022.   

He formed a strategic relationship with 99.7 DA HEAT Miami, powered by iHeartRadio. 99.7 DA HEAT Miami streams on iHeartRadio’s global platform and reaches 100+ countries.  

K Slug joined forces with RADIOPUSHERS TV to shoot and produce his documentary for Amazon Prime and Apple TV in 2023. K Slug faces the man in the mirror heading into 2023   

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