Kiki Love is a Canadian artist born into an Italian music family. Music came to her naturally and from her childhood, she has excelled in contemporary music. Doing piano lessons at age 3 and writing soul inspiring songs from age 14. Inspired by her Italian background and Italian tutor, she combines elements of blues, Jazz, pop, RNB and Soul to produce Passionate music. She has been nominated for countless awards and won multiple awards for her gifted talent.    

Her music shows excellence in writing and vocals with her most recent album “illusion” showing its superiority by bagging her 8 awards and having 13 nominations since it was released in 2016. The album is a regular on top music charts and has given multiple artist of month awards in different continents showing the reach and uniqueness of her music.   

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She opens the album with “going to California” which is a nice intro, an expression of her voice that puts you in tune for the key song and album title inspiration “love is an illusion”. Here she starts with words of inspiration which draw us into the melody ahead.
    “Sometimes you have to take a step back in your life and look ahead times are always gonna be there, the good and the bad, it’s all good”   
As expected, the album is packed full with love songs. Is love truly an illusion? In “me and you”, she expresses her love feelings to her lover and her melody is spotless. Her mix of percussion and high pitch on “love is a game” sends heartfelt memories and thoughts flowing through your mind.   
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There are themes of breakup in “no love on a summer day” and “I need your love” where she sings as a lover calling out to a partner to heal. Her use of passion in music is unmatched and is very relatable.   

I wanna dedicate my life to make you happy is the first line of track 8 “hearts like diamonds”. She sings to her lover but it could as well be us she sings to. She uses horns and bass throughout the song. Her voice rises above to give clear harmonies in the chorus.  
A unique moment of the album is when she sings her chorus without instrumentals. She shows her ability to sing in high and low notes by priming her voice in high notes and alternating to lower notes. Rendering perfect tunes and pitching her voice to give sweet melody. You would not want to miss the moment.
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