When it comes to figuring out what you want in life, it doesn’t always come in a pretty pattern of events. This has been the same for Kim Davey, the multi-talented New Zealander who has always loved dance, but gave up her office job to pursue it entirely.


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As a host of AFTERBUZZ TV, including American Idol and World of Dance, Kim’s charisma, intelligence and passion absolutely shines as she moves forward in her career, while keeping what she loves as a center focus of anything she does. She used to love to dance performing in shows, and wanted to pursue that as a career. But when she was told that the arts just don’t pay as much, she went to law school, traveled, and then realized she could pursue a career in the arts, just in a new way. And so, “The Empowered Dancer” was born!


With “The Empowered Dancer,” she has created an interview series with professional dancers, agents and choreographers. Her hope is to have it reach out to all “past, current, and future dancers online to inspire, empower and educate the dance community” to help them make educated decisions, while still keeping their love for what they do in mind. Kim’s creation of this works perfectly amid the Coronavirus pandemic, and allows for so much more hope than what would have been without it.


The love for what she does shines through her job as she continues to empower dancers to continue to strive for what they are more than capable of. She comments that she loves being able to have “the freedom and control over time, and the direction of [her] company,” as well as watching people succeed. Whether it is through mentorship programs, like her “She Shines On” tours, or the “excitement of the strategy and seeing people work smartly toward their dreams,” it brings genuine joy and happiness in her life. Her work is geared for the next generation and developing themselves to be the best version of who they are.


Following her gut instinct became the key in changing her life from office job, to traveling and becoming a TV host, Presenter and Creative director, interviewing A-list celebrities on the red carpet, and furthering her career in a way she knew that an office job would not be able to provide. One of her “40 before 40” goals is to be a TV host of a major positive personal development show that changes lives, and we can see her easily attaining this goal with how eager she is in pursuing what is most important to her. Kim Davey is on the rise, and so far, there is no stopping her.


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