Kimberly chose to use the lense of humor as her go to tool when she was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer.


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Dear Diary, Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat is a deeply personal and touching account of Kimberly’s journey and how she survived without losing her sense of humor while her sense of humor helped her survive. 


Throughout her book, Kimberly spares no detail about her baldness, breakdowns and breakthroughs and shows that a little ‘tumor humor’ is just what the doctor ordered. 


This book is a collection of Kimberly’s diary entries and an honest portrayal of her biggest struggles. Despite the difficulties, it was the most transformational year of her life. Cancer took a lot from her, but it gave her so much more - life lessons, epiphanies, and a whole new perspective. 


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Until her diagnosis, Kimberly had lived a blissfully carefree existence. Her biggest worry? What to put on her grocery list. 

Rather than accept the diagnosis with defeat, Kimberly chose to combat the darkness with laughter, costumes, colorful wigs and positivity. As she put it, “You can’t be scared of chemo when you’re wearing a coconut bra.”


Combining elements of Bridget Jones’s Diary with motivational paragraphs, this book serves as  a modern woman’s self help book to surviving difficult times. Suitable for cancer victims and people in need of a change of perspective alike, this book is guaranteed to help you. 


Kimberly describes herself as “allergic to normal”. When she’s not scribbling in her journal or chewing on pencils, Kimberly enjoys cleaning and vacuuming (straight lines and right angles only), creating jingles, cracking bad jokes and fueling her caffeine addiction. Her personal interests include weightlifting and running (she has completed five marathons including the LA marathon just six months after her first round of chemo). She is passionate about animal welfare and the climate crisis. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her cats and her very well developed collection of refrigerator magnets. 


This is Kimberly’s first book and her second book is coming soon. Kimberly and her writing have already caught the attention of producers in Hollywood.


Dear Diary Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat? is now available in paperback and Kindle.


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